Estimulantes sexuales: ¿Cómo elegir?

Routine, fatigue, stress, depression, hormonal upheaval… At any age, many factors can alter your sex life and the harmony of your relationships. Whether it’s a drop in libido or erectile dysfunction, there are solutions to help you regain a satisfying sexuality. Massage oil or gels, aphrodisiac food supplements, intimate accessories… Pharma GDD takes stock to help you find the sexual stimulants that will help restore your vitality.

Sexual difficulties: what causes them?

Loss of libido

Loss of libido, or lack of sexual desire, is a frequent cause of consultation in sexology. This sexuality disorder affects women in particular, but can also affect men. It has a considerable impact on the quality of life and can be responsible for marital crises and even separation. Sexuality is indeed essential to the balance and harmony of a couple.

Desequilibrio hormonal

Sex hormones, whether female or male, influence the functioning of the genitals, but also the libido and the manifestation of desire. In men, the hormone involved in sexual function is testosterone. In women, sex hormones also play a role: oestrogen increases libido, while progesterone decreases it. This makes the menopause a difficult and dreaded time for women. In addition, the lack of oestrogen causes vaginal dryness, making intercourse more painful. Many lubricants exist to compensate for this deficiency. They are also precious allies in readjusting or reinventing sexuality.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (or sexual breakdown) can occur in anyone at any age. Erectile dysfunction is thought to affect around 25% of men between the ages of 50 and 60, and up to 40% of men over 60. Most of the time occasional or punctual, this erectile dysfunction can nevertheless impact the quality of life, alter the self-image and cause a loss of confidence. A vicious and sometimes complex circle.

The erection occurs following sexual excitement leading to an increase in the volume of the penis causing progressive rigidity. Several mechanisms are involved, involving physiological and organic functions, but also the brain. The absence or insufficiency of an erection can have many causes. While age is a factor, psychological factors are also often mentioned.
Among the most common factors contributing to erectile dysfunction are fatigue and the stresses of everyday life, certain medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, vascular disease, prostate problems and certain drug treatments. Smoking and alcohol can also affect erectile function.

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As we have just seen, the origin of sexual problems is usually multi-factorial. The treatment will also be multi-factorial. The medical examination will of course be necessary to rule out all organic causes. But the cerebral, psychological and emotional involvement, as well as the impact of daily life are essential. It is therefore possible to find solutions and occasional help to resolve many situations, and to regain a fulfilling and satisfying sexual life.

What are the contributing factors?

Several other factors are likely to favour certain sexual difficulties, including

  • Various pathologies, such as depression, anxiety, vascular diseases, diabetes, or hypertension.
  • Toxic factors: Alcohol, which in small doses has a disinhibiting effect, can, on the other hand, in larger doses and over a long period of time, be detrimental to sexual activity.
  • Medicinal treatments can also have an impact on sexuality: psychotropic drugs, anxiolytics, antihypertensive drugs, beta-blockers. If you experience any problems after taking a drug, do not stop taking it. Ask your doctor for advice so that he/she can adapt your treatment.
  • Psychological factors: if hormonal impregnation is involved, the brain is an essential and major organ of libido and sexual desire. Stress, fatigue, overwork, routine, relationship problems, etc. are all factors that can impact your sex life.

Food supplements to stimulate erection and libido

Intended for both men and women, sexual stimulant supplements are most often composed of plants recognised as aphrodisiacs, combined with vitamins. Depending on their formula, they aim to increase libido, maximise sexual endurance, support physical and sexual performance and preserve energy. Some dietary supplements also aim to improve erection and delay ejaculation, which contributes to longer sexual intercourse.

You can consume these products in different forms: tablets, capsules, drinkable solutions or powders. They often contain the same active ingredients, plants selected for their properties and positive effects on sexual vitality and libido.

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Ginger, ginseng and maca

Ginger and ginseng are known to be good sexual stimulants. Ginger is a popular spice for seasoning dishes. It has been used for thousands of years and is one of the key elements of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. In herbal medicine, it is recommended to relieve a large number of ailments and to fight against physical fatigue. In the field of sexuality, ginger is known to be a natural aphrodisiac, i.e. a substance used to stimulate sexual desire and increase libido.

Native to China and Korea, ginseng is nicknamed the “root of life”. It is a root capable of healing, strengthening the body, increasing energy tenfold and helping to heal many disorders and diseases. A powerful aphrodisiac, ginseng is also energising and invigorating. It is said to be adaptogenic, i.e. capable of adapting to the body’s needs. In the event of a drop in libido or lack of sexual desire, you can turn to a ginseng-based sexual stimulant, combined with ginger or other aphrodisiac ingredients.

Maca comes from Peru, where it grows on the high plateaus, between 3,000 and 5,000 metres above sea level, and is used to often extreme climatic conditions. Known as “Peruvian ginseng” or “Peruvian Viagra”, this very powerful medicinal plant is a general tonic and a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women. The Incas already used maca to promote fertility and virility. It is indicated for dealing with possible sexual breakdowns, erectile problems, as well as for reducing the impact of fatigue and stress on physical and sexual performance.


If you have ever been in contact with an erection or penis enlargement product, you already know that those ingredients cannot be missing if you want a guaranteed effect. Eroxel contains those ingredients and also only natural extracts, which makes it suitable for everyone.  The use of Eroxel is very simple and the detailed composition can be found on the product page and the leaflet.

Eroxel has no side effects, mainly because it is purely natural and is regularly monitored. It is also no problem to combine it with other food supplements, alcohol, or other preparations and lubricants.

It is up to you to decide to do something about the current situation and improve your life by getting this revolutionary natural solution that can not only offer long-term benefits, but also a quick fix.

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