Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

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Curcumin for Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

Curcumin for Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

Academic Press. 2019 gbs preview

Curcumin for Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders: Neurochemical and Pharmacological Properties focuses on the different molecular mechanisms underlying curcumin-mediated beneficial effects in neurological diseases. The book's editors discuss the neurochemical and pharmacological properties of curcumin, followed by the effect of curcumin in neurotraumatic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and neuropsychiatric diseases. The book also offers a perspective on future studies on the...

Curcumin in Health and Disease

Curcumin in Health and Disease

MDPI. 2019 gbs preview

The plant-derived polyphenol curcumin has been used in promoting health and combating disease for thousands of years. Its therapeutic effects have been successfully utilized in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to treat inflammatory diseases. Current results from modern biomolecular research reveal the modulatory effects of curcumin on a variety of signal transduction pathways associated with inflammation and cancer. In this context, curcumin’s antioxidant,...

Therapeutic Potentials of Curcumin for Alzheimer Disease

Therapeutic Potentials of Curcumin for Alzheimer Disease

Springer. 2016 gbs preview

This is the first book on the market that explores the importance of curcumin for the treatment of neurological disorders. It has been estimated that 35.6 million people globally had dementia in 2010 and the prevalence of dementia has been predicted to double every 20 years. Thus, 115.4 million people may be living with dementia in 2050. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the leading cause of dementia and is present in 60%–70% of people with dementia. Unless new discoveries are made in the...

  1. I have purchased this in the past to make Turmeric “Golden Paste”.(This is an amazing mixture of coconut oil, & black pepper that I use instead of ibuprofen.)It worked great for me so I can confirm that the potency was good.I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again, but I usually reorder based on price point and this isn’t always the best price.I’ve also purchased these items: Jiva Organics USDA Organic Turmeric Powder, 1 Pound Jiva Organics USDA Organic Turmeric Powder (Curcumin), 7 Ounce and can confirm that they’re effective to use for golden paste as well. (Again the price of turmeric seems to vary wildly, so I just shop around each time I need more.)

  2. Good quality and taste

  3. Turmeric is recognized as having positive properties as a natural antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory agent.I recently experienced some serious neck and shoulder pain from a torn tendon in my shoulder. The “pharmaceutical CRAP” that my doctor prescribed – Toradol and Naproxen – did little but make me ill, and I stopped both.I started drinking a cup of ‘Turmeric tea’ daily. I put one to two teaspoons of Turmeric in a cup of boiling water, stirred it well and let it steep for several minutes, then ‘gulped it down.’ The taste was not pleasant, but it certainly seemed to help. The inflammation in my shoulder disappeared a LOT faster than my physiotherapist expected, as did the accompanying nerve pain in my neck and forearm.I’ll continue with my daily cup of Turmeric tea, and prefer to use an organic source.Certainly, I’m happy to recommend this excellent product!!Harley Whitlock, Brantford, Ontario

  4. If you need lots of good quality Turmeric powder for your home-made curries you cannot go wrong with this.

  5. Exactly what I needed and plenty enough.

  6. After being impressed with the quality and taste of Navitas cacao butter, I ordered this organic turmeric powder. It’s a little more expensive than some other brands, but well worth it. The taste in comparison to grocery store brands is obvious. This has a clean, non-bitter taste that is palatable enough for me, right off the spoon. I take it for health benefits with a little black pepper, crushed chia seeds and swallow with water.

  7. Came on time and quite a big package. I am using as a single person in my household. It will last me a while as I am using it more for supplementation and not cooking.

  8. The product arrived sooner than expected. It is a vital ingredient in Indian cooking. It has good colour and flavour.

  9. Awesome product for weight loss. I use this to make a tea. I drink it first thing in the morning, 40 mins before breakfast.Recipe 2 tsp turmeric tea mixed with 1/4 tsp organic fresh ground black pepper, 1/4 organic ground ginger root, 1/4 organic ground cinnamon you can also add 2 tbsps apple cider vinegar tooGreat for losing belly fat!

  10. I don’t use turmeric for cooking and recipes. This Jiva turmeric has the normal taste and aroma associated with turmeric.Like many, I use turmeric primarily for its anti-inflammatory properties. I suffer from chronic oesophagitis and turmeric has helped managed and improve my condition better than any medication or supplement. I’ve used multiple brands before and always got the same anti-inflammatory response. Ever since I started to use Jiva, I’ve noted that my symptoms were more present until I doubled my daily intake. It’s still a good value compared to small containers found in most stores but I will try another brand next time.

  11. I use it as an anti rheumatoid arthritis aid as well as a culinary spice

  12. I have tried half a dozen brands of Tumeric and find this Rani brand noticeably more soluble than the others. I take it for osteoarthritis twice a day with a little black pepper. Without this amazing gift from nature, I would be using a cane and waiting for hip replacements. I work 10-hour shifts on my feet all day and it keeps me in the game. Love being able to buy the 2 lb size container. Never want to be without it!

  13. My husband and I just finished our first jar of Golden Milk. While the first sip was a shock to our tastebuds due to not being accustomed to drinking turmeric, the health benefits were more important, and now we love it.

  14. I find the quality of this turmeric to be authentic. It has a good strong smell of turmeric and a good spicy flavour. The colour is vibrant and can easily stain fingers or surfaces so be careful when handling it. Although it comes in a resealable bag, I had a hard time opening the seal on this bag and just ended up cutting it and then putting the content into a container. I use turmeric all the time for cooking and smoothies because of its health benefits. I am happy with the quality of this turmeric from India.

  15. I am very happy with this purchase. I bought this along with mustard oil to try to cure my vitiligo spot on my chin and it’s working. The spot on my chin seems to be breaking up and getting the pigment back and I’ve never been so happy. I’ve had this spot since I was 10 (I’m 26 now) and it has ruined my life, it’s made me hate myself and completely wrecked my confidence. Thank you! Anyone with vitiligo I 100% recommend turmeric with mustard oil.

  16. Buying this such a long time and the best quality ever came in these sad times, growing up we only get the one from India etc with added powders to make it bright, this is way better especially for FMS sufferers like me anti-inflammatory much needed!

  17. Has a bit of courseness to it, not dusty fine which ai don’t like. Regular purchase now

  18. Warm up soy milk to just under boil. Add honey and 1 tsp of turmeric powder, use a frother for a decadent drink. It’s also delicious with chocolate soy.

  19. First time for using this Company but will definitely reorder this Tumeric owing to Taste,Colour & Texture..plus being Organic is a Welcome Bonus..

  20. I don’t like the taste of turmeric so it gets buried in cinnamon and chocolate, or onion and garlic, depending.Why buy, you say? Anti-inflammatory (~1gram/day) and a exponentially cheaper than buying same in capsules. I think it works.

  21. Pour la cuisine (for coking).

  22. The black pepper is not ground enough compaired to the other ingredients so its always just at the bottom of the cup. I had to reground the whole jar. but it tastes amazing

  23. I’ve been really happy with how my meals have been turning out thanks to this Tumeric, and not a lot is needed to go a long way.From Curry to soup, it’s been an awesome addition to my meals.

  24. We consume a large quantity of turmeric as it’s incredbily good for healing properties.Don’t forget to use pepper to activate as well.I can’t say enough other than what I’ve already posted.Do your own research if you are using it internally for healing purposes.If you use it for cooking as we do, it’s as fresh as you can get aside from growing your own and grinding it up.The container is good but trying to move away from plastic storage due to leeching, however it’s not the end of things.I’d buy this again and again.

  25. we used this product daily, both for flavour and for health – great for reducing inflammation

  26. Excellent product which I dissolve in water and drink it for the multiple medicinal and anti oxidant benefits in it.

  27. I have been using this to make golden paste for my dog. I can see a positive effect in her ability to get up, joints don’t seem as stiff and she is peppier. 🙂

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