Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

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The Amazing Healing Secrets of Tea Tree Oil. All You Ever Wanted to Know about The Tea Tree OilThe tea tree oil is an essential oil which is not produced from a tree, neither has anything to do with tea. It is a small shrub which was introduced to the world by Captain Cook.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil is one of the most marvellous healing resources that Nature has to offer. This book presents, in a very readable and accessible way, not only the history and harvesting of Tea Tree Oil but also an overview of its practical medical uses.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree THE HEALING POWER OF ESSENTIAL OIL is a fundamental oil with a new camphoraceous smell and a shading that ranges from light yellow to almost dismal and clear Tea tree oil is a basic oil that can be utilized for a few purposes, including keeping skin, hair and nails sound.

  1. I purchased this for my son who is really impressed with the quality as they are organic which so inportant when using with a Ultrasonic oil Diffuser.My son spent several hours researching the brand and quality before making a choice to go with the Tisserand Brand and says they are top quality and would highly recommend and I have also made a purchase of the Tisserand brand items.Please click on the “Yes” button below if this review has been helpful thank you.

  2. I recently switched BC methods and ended up with horrible, painful, cystic acne all over my face (due to increased testosterone, and increased sebum production). I’m 26. I read the reviews for this product and decided to give it a try; the difference was noticeable within a day or two.My method, so far: I do not dilute it or use a cotton ball. I use my clean fingers to rub a thin layer on my freshly washed face (focusing on the problem areas) once or twice a day. I always apply after the shower, when my pores are open. Sometimes it stings a tiny bit. The smell doesn’t bother me, though I strongly suggest avoiding the area directly near the eyes and under the nose.My results: all of the redness around my acne has gone away. The oil dries out my pores, which I need. It brings the sebum/puss to the surface of the skin — in a good way! Then the acne eventually wears away on its own. I would say it reduced my acne by at least 50%, after using it consistently for about 3 weeks.Downsides: For me, I have to use this consistently. If I miss a day or two, the redness and painful cysts come back. It makes sense, since I still have the overactive sebum production and this oil doesn’t treat that.No photos right now, because my acne scars are still present and might look like current breakouts. The only other products I use are a charcoal soap in the shower, and a Clarisonic Mia for exfoliation (both about twice a week). Overall, I absolutely would recommend this product for someone suffering from hormonal acne. I hope you find my description helpful, and good luck!

  3. This got rid of the little bump that formed by my nose piercing in the span of a week! Just saturate a cotton swap, dilute it with running water, and apply it to the bump; works wonders.

  4. I went through 4 months of chemotherapy and my finger nails were damaged and some were even infected so I used this oil and it helped lesson the infection and with the inflammation. Plus I love the smell. I even use it on my head to help with hair growth.

  5. I’ve come back to this oil since trying some others and just wasn’t happy with them. This is in my opinion the strongest and it’s use is limitless! Unbelievable value for money too! I mostly use this oil to deter unwanted spiders in the house and it works very well. I also add some drops to a hot bath every now and then, the results are very noticeable! Wouldn’t be without it and will keep to buying this brand from now.

  6. Apart from many other beneficial qualities, lavender oil is antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-infective and, as such, is a good oil to use in homemade cleaning products. I mixed this with vodka, distilled white vinegar, distilled water and Tisserand Organic Lemon Essential Oil to make a lavender and lemon bathroom disinfecting spray, and I also used it with distilled white vinegar, baking soda and lemon oil to make a lavender and lemon fabric softener – both of which worked well and smelled delicious.5 Stars.

  7. Started getting a keloid and started putting this on it and it went away completely 👌🏻

  8. Well protected when received. Smell good. Should have bought more at once.

  9. i got this to use for a bump on my nose piercing. It helps alot and made the bump a lot smaller. i use it twice a day until the bump goes away.

  10. I’ve been using the Tea Tree Oil for my nasal polyps. I basically mix it with a carrier oil and it really helps with decreasing the inflammation. And I also use it in my diffuser at night, or the eucalyptus oil by the same company. I love the smell! I would encourage anyone suffering from nasal polyps to try the tea tree oil for its antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties. It definitely works.

  11. I have done my research and found that Plant Therapy was by far my choice. I use this oil everyday, in my laundry, on my face with my soap for blemishes and bacteria. I put 3/4 drops in my dish water, I make a disinfectant spray, to use on beds and furniture. I spray my dog’s bed down to keep fleas or ticks away. I even put a drop on my toothbrush with paste of course… took me awhile to get use to the taste, it really doesn’t taste very good, but I use it for bacteria reasons and it seems to be helping. I put a drop in my diffuser along with lavender and spearmint for my grandson at night to help keep him healthy. All this and more works for me. I trust in this product.

  12. helps a lot for the itching as i had to wash my hair every 2 days so much my sclap was getting dry and itchy fast (because of winter season change, i live in canada my skin and scalp gets sooo dry ) i mix it with some coconut oil to make a mask i leave half a day or i mix it with my shampoo !

  13. The fragrance is lovely, the way jasmine essential oil should be! I’ve tried many types/brands of it and it is one of nicest!When buying oils we need to remember that jasmine and rose essential oils are the dearest among oils because we need much more flowers to get same amount oil.. worth to buy it! Defo will buy again and again ! (Qualified aromatherapist)

  14. I love cherry blossom in anything. I have it in shower gel, body lotion, fragrance, body mist, room spray and even cleaner so you know I am obsessed and I can assure you that the scent from this is the real thing I was amazed about how similar it was to the cherry blossom you would smell if you went outside and and picked one off and smelt it. I have one right next to my house and it has a lot of memories very dear and close to me. I really do recommend this product. It comes with a dropper that is separate in the box as well. I would defo buy this again for sure no questions asked.

  15. Tea tree is a great little addition to any face mask skin sufferer. Add to moisturiser morning and night to help fix unwanted blemishes caused by face masks.A great anti bacterial too.

  16. Use it everywhere, locally, always a good quality. I’ve been buying aura cacia oils about few years

  17. Pleased to be reassured that this is organic stuff – I really depend on tea tree oil as an antiseptic, and though i am kind of assuming it’s all organic – I think that by tis very nature it repels invaders – still, I like seeing Organic on things.It arrived right away.

  18. This stuff is great! The smell shows you it’s really potent, and it does the trick against the occasional fungus that finds it’s way onto the body or feet after the gym or yoga. Salvation! This brand is so reliable and this is my third bottle from them. Will continue to purchase it!

  19. This is top quality tea tree oil. It’s fresh, pure and very potent. The bottle is a good size and lasts me a long time. I use it as an additive to shampoo and carrier oils. This is a fantastic product that is exactly as described.

  20. While I don’t go through this as fast as I used to, it’s still an excellent essential oil to have on hand. It has antibacterial properties which can be used for a variety of (external) applications. This is 100% pure tea tree oil, no other filles or ingredients, nothing to dilute it whatsoever. This is important to me as I’ve purchased supposed 100% pure essential oil in the past and got something impure and diluted with carrier oils instead. This is the real deal and I use it often for my skin.

  21. Utilisation contre mycose des ongle et régénération des imperfections environnante…. Superbe produut je recommende

  22. So this came in a nice sturdy box and has a built a separate lid with a pipette built in. I have a large 1 litre capacity diffuser and I only need to put around 10 to 12 drops of thus oil in it to get a great smell. Most of the aftershaves I buy have Saddlewood in it so it’s nice to have my home smell of it too. Great product.

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