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Marshall Cavendish. 2022 gbs preview

Describes the properties of the element iodine and covers its discovery, its uses, its production, and its role in people's health. Also discusses chemical reactions.

Iodine Labeled Plasma Proteins

Iodine Labeled Plasma Proteins

CRC Press. 2019 gbs preview

First Published in 1984, this book offers comprehensive insight into iodine labelled proteins in the blood. Carefully compiled and filled with a vast repertoire of notes, diagrams, and references this book serves as a useful reference for students of hematology and other practitioners in their respective fields.

  1. Great to have on hand in case of an emergency. They have an expiration date that was only a couple of months from the date we received but that was mentioned by another reviewer before we purchased. They were very inexpensive and were only purchased “just in case” so not too big of a deal to us. The close expiration date not being mentioned by the seller was the reason I did not give 5 stars. I feel as though that should have been disclosed. Arrived on time and packaged as stated though.

  2. Everyone should Have this NOW in House and use daily!! Iodine was removed from table salt years ago. Even if Salt says contains iodine, it would take many pounds of salt to get the required iodine daily that is necessary for Thyroid protection. Not just from radiation, but from many chemicals we now drink from water, eat in our foods, breathe in our air and many more. In fact the worst carcinogen the average American encounters regularly outside of food and water is by far the worst carcinogen to come into contact with. Gasoline fumes when fueling your vehicles.

  3. It is excellent and works better than expected!

  4. This product rocks. As with all NOW products, the potassium iodide is well packaged, sealed for security, and the pills are all well packed and never broken. I’ve bought 5 or 6 bottles so far and never a problem.People buy iodine for a variety of reasons. Mine is that we don’t get normal amounts in our diet and the FDA requirements for iodine are a joke. My specific purpose other than general health is skin care. Iodine is extremely important in generating healthy new skin cells. As I have some inherited tendencies that can cause me some issues, I want to do what I can. Several skin issues have significantly reduced their presence since I started on this a year ago. After doing significant research, I determined that 30 mg per day is a very reasonable dose, though far more than what the FDA claims, but far less than most Japanese people get on a daily basis. At this level, it is very safe for all glandular function, and a year in has caused no issues at all.

  5. 95% of the population is deficient in Iodine. Iodine helps to regulate the thyroid which in turn powers the body. Deficiency in Iodine has also been linked to cancer. I was feeling tired and just run down even after consistently taking a bunch of vitamins on a daily basis for 2 months so I added this to my regime. I noticed a difference the very next day! I’m 52 and going thru some changes so I know my body needs the extra support from supplements. I still feel tired now and then but I find myself taking care of my daily chores with much more ease- I don’t have to force myself to do things like I used to- I actually WANT to do them. I just wish they had a 6 bottle supply at a discount- I would definitely order it that way!

  6. A daily capsule raised my basal body temperature half a degree, from roughly 97.0 to roughly 97.5. It worked quickly– within a week. I’ve been eating healthier, but I have in general noticed less hunger and specifically fewer sugar cravings. However, I have also noticed some cystic acne, an old enemy, so I may drop back to one every other day. 5 stars because it’s clearly powerful.Please be careful with this. Even small overdoses of Iodine have been medically proven to increase, not decrease, hypothyroid symptoms, because your body just stops making thyroid hormones. There are tons of “how could I be so stupid!” posts on the internet from people who gave themselves hypothyroid with large doses of iodine. Take one capsule every day or every other day and don’t get crazy. Good luck!

  7. I started taking the Iodine and after about a week, I noticed I have more energy throughout the day, and clearer head. No more “foggy brain”! My profession is both physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding (I’m a special education preschool teacher). I use to lay down between classes and close my eyes in the dark to clear my head and prepare for the afternoon. I also needed a 2:00pm cup of coffee to keep up with our very energetic little ones. Not only do I notice greater physical capacity throughout the day, but I am more focused mentally. I love all of Benevolent Nourishments products!

  8. Best liquid Iodine ever! Has a pleasant taste. When I first received it I was using every day for a week, then cut back to twice a week. I no longer drag through the day and have energy to accomplish all my tasks through the day. I highly recommend giving it a try. Iodine also shrinks cancer cells. Rem: Chernobyl, those that live there take iodine for that reason to avoid cancer from radiation. ANY ONE ON MEDICATION though may want to check with their doctor since iodine may interfere with some medications.

  9. I was paying for an RX of bioidentical Thyroid medicine each month. I switched to Now Foods Kelp 18 months ago. I’ve had 2 blood tests since and my hormone levels are the same as when I was on the Rx version.Now, I don’t have to go back to my Dr each month for a refill Rx and I don’t have to wait in line at the drug store either.

  10. I couldn’t get my Tsh levels up and so I started taking this. My doctor thinks she got my thyroid working but she couldn’t do it for 3 years. Thank you iodine! I feel great! No more brain fog, increased energy. 👍🏻

  11. I quit taking biotin because I’ve read it can cause acne and I was having issues. I decided to try iodine and my hair quit falling out. I’ve noticed a big difference!

  12. I started using another product that was more expensive. When my finances changed, I started using IOPlus, and it was the best thing I ever did. Along with IOPlus I began a 30 min workout, Lopozene 30 min before every meal, and a 900 calorie diet that helped me loose over 100lbs in 8 months. I was 613lbs and now I’m 497 and still losing. These pills give you the energy you need to stay motivated and active. I have had no side effects and because you work out harder, longer, and faster you sleep better. These are pretty safe as I have been assured so I take 4 pills every day at 10:00am by bed time I’m winding down for a good night sleep.

  13. This is a must for anyone feeling fatigued, run down, confused, depressed, overweight. It will detox your glands from fluoride and was a major remedy recommended by Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Profit. You can feel the effects right away and it’s non-toxic in any amount!

  14. I use this regularly as recommended by my chiropractor.

  15. Excellent product! Here’s my story.At a recent trip to the doctor for routine stuff, I was told ‘No, don’t take an iodine supplement. Don’t you have salt in your diet? I respond, yes but mostly coarse/Kosher salt, which doesn’t contain iodine. Why, can anything bad happen? Doctor replies, Well toxicity levels possibly in the thyroid.Here’s the thing people. Frankly, I’m not worried about toxicity levels for iodine. Research information indicates the adult body can safely have up to 1000 micrograms (which equals 1 milligram). A microgram is abbreviated mcg, not to be confused with mg, which is milligram, a much larger amount – 1000 times as large, to be exact). I simply stay within the 500 mcg range. I like these tablets for two reasons: 1) I like the way I’ve been feeling when I take them (I have more energy and I feel like I’ve been resting better). Moreover, with this supplement, I feel reassured that I don’t have an iodine deficiency. I feel this way because I don’t consume much salt (and the salt that I do is Kosher/coarse salt, which is not iodized). After all, how do we really know that we’re getting enough iodine? Iodine is important for healthy thyroid function and thyroid function is key for good health, so don’t assume blindly that you’re getting enough iodine. Verify that you are then act accordingly.2) The capsules are easily taken apart so that I can take some of the powder out. I take about half of the powder out, because I don’t want to have the full 1000 mcg’s. The reason is that I assume that I’m getting some iodine in my diet, and together with half of one of these tablets, I get plenty of iodine for healthy thyroid function.If you’re wondering why I just don’t buy a lower dose which is easily available in a 150 mcg, in the form of sea kale tablets – it’s because I’ve read that the kale may have small (albeit safe) quantities of arsenic. That didn’t stop me from trying them, however. I have ordered these tablets and taking them just didn’t make me feel as good as the sea iodine tablets.

  16. The thyroid needs iodine to make thyroxine. They put iodine in salt so people get enough iodine, but I don’t use a lot of salt, and I want to get my iodine. I cured my hypothyroidism by taking iodine. Just be careful, and don’t get overly ambitious and take several each day, because that can make things worse.

  17. I like this source of Iodine

  18. Loved them.

  19. I need to take Kelp for my thyroid, and my doctor recommended that I take only 200 mcg of it. That is sometimes hard to find in a health food store, so I found this one online. It wasn’t the 250mcg that it advertises, but the 200 that I needed. I was thrilled with that. They are dry, and the flavor is not so great, but it’s not horrible. I take it because it helps me a lot with my thyroid. Great quality and good value for my money. Would definitely buy again.

  20. I use this for help with my thyroid.

  21. I noticed some positive health benefits even-dough I have been taking it only for a month.

  22. Love Nutrigold product and this iodine is awesome for me as I am a whole food vegan. Provides excellent amounts of iodine daily.

  23. Awesome product, would buy it again.Even for my 12 years old daughter seems to work fine before breakfast

  24. I’ve been using kelp tablets for many years to help my thyroidI have confidence in this productPrompt delivering

  25. This product has literally saved me from so many symptoms: headaches GONE, anxiety GONE, brain fog GONE, food cravings GONE, rushing thoughts and tension GONE, plus I have so much clean energy!!!! Thanks!!!!

  26. Very convenient and helpful in preventing goitre in those prone to such problems.

  27. Great price

  28. Recommended by my dietician during pregnancy and also for my partner! She said we are currently quite commonly deficient in iodine due to society replacing iodized salt with “all natural” sea salt. Be cautious of dosage taken as this affects the thyroid. Also, tastes good!

  29. My Dr. likes to check my iodine level every year because I am a breast cancer survivor and he thinks having a healthy iodine level helps fight recurrence and keeps breast tissue healthy. I have used other brands of kelp before and have done just fine. This year however after being on the Now Kelp, my levels went way down to insufficient level. I guess I will have to find a different iodine supplement to make sure my levels are good.

  30. Been used in American operating rooms for at least 70 years. Pretty good endorsement I think! I wash my hands with regular soap, splash some of this on my hands, wash again, rinse! Rinses easily! I also use for showering on the nastier parts of the body. Rub soap into wash cloth, splash some of this onto cloth, wash/rinse as normal. Also use it for skin irritations. Believe it or not, I also let my razor soak in it. Makes a difference!!

  31. This product serves its function. I want to preface this by saying that I am not woo-woo and I am deeply skeptical of claims that any supplement is going to replace medicine or be a magic cure all. However, I am a bit of a foodie and do not like the subtle metallic taste that iodized salt gives food but due to other components of my diet (mostly plant based) I did not have another reliable source of iodine. I am on a medication that could be harmful with very high doses of iodine as well so I was on the lookout for a product that provided the actually necessary amount of iodine. This is a great alternative to a normal supplement where the dosage is far more than is necessary for the human body. The tablet is not overly large and fits well in my pill organizer. All around, no complaints here. If you are looking for a high dose product, this is not it, but if you are just trying to not get a goiter and also not have your pasta taste like coins, this is for you.

  32. This is a great way to support your thyroid health.

  33. These iodine tablets by HealthAid arrived quickly and perfectly well packaged. In addition, the tablets themselves are perfectly intact. No broken tablets, no powder, just the correct amount of tablets. I mention this because I had read some very negative reviews about these tablets which discouraged me for some time from buying them. All I can say is that I can’t find the slightest reason to complain about HealthAid iodine.That aside, the tablets are twice the strength of most iodine supplements out there, and also (which is rare) they are not iodine-enriched kelp tablets and this is great for those of us (myself included) who don’t particularly care for the taste of kelp. In this respect HealthAid iodine is like a typical vitamin/ mineral tablets.HealthAid has been around for years, I remember their tablets on sale in a shop (now sadly gone) where I live back in the 90s and I bought their tablets back then (it might have been Bromelain) and they were also perfectly intact too. So all I can say is that my experience with HealthAid has been 100% positive and I will continue to buy their iodine.

  34. If you’re undergoing a lot of radiotherapy, this is a good thyroid blocker. Ask your doctor first. The pills came fast, no strange flavor, no side effects.

  35. The taste is very good. It’s only ONE drop/day; however, I take TWO because I have a HYPOthroid condition … would buy again

  36. The product is great. It arrived well packaged and on time. I’ve been using it in a diluted form for rinsing my nose per instructions from my ENT. It works very well and the price is nice. Will buy it again.

  37. Good price, is exactly what it says.

  38. I hardly ever have to take these pills because I eat a lot of egg yolks. However, if I do not get iodine in my diet for at least 3 days, I will pop one of these. A lot of other iodine supplements are way to potent. The dangers of super high iodine levels are just as dangerous as low levels. This dose is ideal!

  39. effective and good organic product.

  40. My parents insisted I use iodine topically of all things for a sore throat but I’ll be darned if they weren’t right. I gargled with it too but it was difficult. Worked great.

  41. In my nearly 14 year battle with Lyme Tick Disease, my daily routine includes taking over 120 different supplements, vitamins, minerals, colloidals, herbal tinctures/teas, etc.This product is a 2-in-1 Godsend. I get BOTH my colloidal support AND iodine support in ONE tincture, which is critical, not to mention time-saving, for me. I have to do Lugols Skin/Blood tests twice daily, to maintain my most effective iodine intake.Because it does not impart the colour nor “taste of iodine” to anything I have added it to, so far, I use it in EVERY beverage, from homemade juices fruits/vegetables, shakes, smoothies, A2 milk, purified water, coffee, tea, chicken/beef/vegetable/mushroom broths, and more.The bottle is strong (I’ve dropped it many times, owing to weak hand muscles), it never breaks, and the dropper is well made, does not leak. The cost is VERY reasonable, and I’m on my second bottle now, and will likely subscribe to it.Since taking Naka Platinum Colloidal Vegetable IODINE Drops, I’ve had stabilized Lugol’s iodine blood skin-patch tests, which means it is doing its job! This last bottle I purchased was 100 ml BONUS Size (60+40 Free). Gotta love FREE!Everyone SHOULD be upping their iodine intake, and this is the best way how, without a doctor’s prescription. Iodine is a mineral found in some foods. The body needs iodine to make thyroid hormones. These hormones control the body’s metabolism and many other important functions. The body also needs thyroid hormones for proper bone and brain development. If you are not getting enough iodine in your foods, this is the next best thing.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

  42. Works well and affordable. Better than many products out there that have way too much iodine per pill. Given that most adults only need about 150mcg per day, these are perfectly portioned. Helped reverse iodine deficiencies fairly quickly. Would recommend as par of daily diet if you don’t get much iodine naturally in your diet (e.g. vegan, low sodium, etc.). Best taken after eating something in my experience.

  43. Item came quickly and packaged nicely. It came in the box with bubble wrap around it to keep it from breaking. I tried it in a little bit of water immediately to see if there was any taste. It is clear and no taste at all. The expiry date is November 28, 2024 so that is almost 3 years away. As for it helping me with my radiation sickness I have yet to find that out. Overall I am very pleased at this point.

  44. Thanks for selling this product it’s the only place that seems to sell it. I bought this for my Guinea pig’s First aid kit. I have already used it on my dog when I got a small cut on his paw. It’s already healed.

  45. These iodine tablets will help prevent radiation sickness in the event of mutually assured destruction! They’ll be about as effective as trying to weather the Dresden bombing with a tent but it’s peace of mind.

  46. Perfect size! I pour a few drops in tiny container, dip my Q-tip in for absorption and then apply to desired area. No mess!

  47. A very effective topical cleanser and drying agent for skin lesions

  48. My thyroid levels are within range (so they say) but because we use non-iodized salts (sea, Himalayan, etc) more and more. I feel it’s a great addition for thyroid health. I feel more normal and I am hoping it’s beneficial for my hair issues.

  49. purchased to help with the radiation just in case we get nuked.

  50. Since me and the wife have taken this since 2010 until now I’ve been sick with a cold 2 times in 12 years.. before this twice a year we’d get sick.. don’t take at night or you can’t sleep it gives you energy.. I noticed it the most when you stop taking it. Then you feel like you’re tired.. kind of addiction but makes you feel good.. I love it..mama loves it too… Ten stars.. taste ok put 3 drops under your tongue and you’re good for the day.. I do it when I wake up..

  51. This is iodine, even tastes like iodine, not like salt.

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