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Green Tea Powder

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The Green Tea Book

The Green Tea Book

Penguin. 1997 gbs preview

Discover the ancient Chinese secret to a long, healthy life—with just three cups of green tea per day. The Green Tea Book has been a trusted resource for almost a decade. Now, chemist Lester A. Mitscher and health writer Victoria Dolby Toews update their ground-breaking work with the latest scientific information. The "natural medicine" in green tea is polyphenols. These phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants, and Dr. Mitscher and Toews explore the research on green tea, explaining its...

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea

CABI. 2017 gbs preview

This book provides evidence to support the health-promoting components of green tea for human health. It explores the significance of green tea and its catechins represented by epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), demonstrating their beneficial effects on diseases including cancer, obesity, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, hepatitis, and neurodegenerative diseases. The present status of human studies and avenues for future research are discussed. It is written by a team of experts from across the...

The 17-Day Green Tea Diet

The 17-Day Green Tea Diet

Simon and Schuster. 2015 gbs preview

Flatten your belly and boost your metabolism with the least expensive, most scientifically proven weight-loss plan ever created! Fast, permanent weight loss is just a sip away, thanks to this unique program developed by the bestselling authors of Eat This, Not That! And all it takes is a cup of hot water and a humble bag of green tea. The secret lies in a rare but powerful nutrient known as EGCG--found almost exclusively in green tea--that improves fat burning, inhibits your body's ability...

  1. I have been buying another brand of organic Matcha powder for a couple of years now. It’s a great product that comes in a foil lined bag. However, it does have a very earthy flavor. I don’t sweeten my matcha, so I got used to it. I tried this brand because it’s packaged inside a tin, which is so convenient. I get to save one of my kitchen jars for other teas. Love the tin and included spoon. This organic matcha is mild tasting, but still strong. I mix my organic matcha with moringa tea. The two flavors mix really well together. This is a great product. I’m very happy with it.Update: Received my latest order with the new sturdy rubber flip top. This makes for much better sealing and gives the matcha a canister appearance. Kudos on the new design!

  2. MY USES: to add to my range of anti-oxident caffeinated beverages , for mental clarity and sustainable energy , and mostly calmness without drowsiness. Used it as traditional tea, matcha macaroons, and smoothie / frappuccino with non dairy base. Purchased for taste and health, not tried for weight loss. Cold or hot- this is a awesome addition to my health goals- as an intake of antioxidants ( supposedly more than dark chocolate and much more than spinach) . As we’ll- the process of harvesting / growing is said to contain an amino- acid that balances caffeine. so less spike in energy, and no more coffee crashes.. The item came in a tin box, with 2 lids ( 1 top tin lid, and a pull tab plastic lid), with a vacuum sealed pouch. No tips / recipes came with it, would have preferred that.COLOR- gorgeous green, bright and vibrant. Like the leaves in the spring. see picTEXTURE- fine dust- almost like cornstarch or talcum, seems to have been grounded with stones grinding wheels( as tradition says- should be ). I did not need to sift it- as it did not have any lumps. So it was silky to touch, without any grainy texture. see picTASTE: notes: woody, earthy, (reminds me of spirulina but a lighter color. ), a hint of sweetness and more mellow than some other matcha I have tried. I found it less bitter ( almost none) than green teas and black teas. The aroma gave a smell of freshness.PREPARING: Little is lots: start small and move up.Hot tea: I tried a 1/4 tsp , poured warm water – then used 2 methods to mix , a battery operated frother and a metal whisk- see resulting consistency of both in pics. below While the frother mixed it better, than the metal whisk, I disliked the ‘bubbly ‘froth on the top, it created.The metal whisk, which left a bit of the powder at the bottom, that I swirled , every time I sipped it. This had a more light lather., almost minimal. The whisk is suggest to be moved in a ‘W’ motion, so not circular stirring but back and forth in short spurts. The lather should be thick, bubbly and small froth.COLD TEA: for on the go- I dusted some into my water bottle, and added filtered water, and before taking a gulp- each time, shook the bottle, to get a cold brew. LATTE: best made with non dairy milk – I paired it with a mild milk like rice milk ( hey- Japanese eat rice + soy). Using a higher ratio of match to water ( just mixed it with spoon), and then adding it to frothed warm milk.. ( for this a battery frother worked best. for the milk.)TIPS: not medical advice but personal experience.-Best taken with filtered water, OR add touch of honey. Temperature of water: 70℃ / 176℉ (boil kettle, cool for 40 seconds). Sip not swallow, a warm matcha to feel most of the taste and flavour.-Before cutting the bag open, flick the top pf the bag, so the tea moves to the bottom, ( if not the dust will burst open, and spay into the nose and everywhere around). I keep it in a cool dark, dry place, NOT in my kitchen cupboard next to the stove-I keep a spoon along- if I am consuming a big cup- but in a small tea glass- a gentle quick swirl , before sipping is enough to get the powder mixed into the water. Best get a bamboo whisk- to avoid the metallic taste of metal whisk. The ratio of water /tea is personal choice: the higher amt. of tea does have a more pronounced taste, and may create a bit of jittery, so best to start with small and gradually increase to taste.-Pls. use with precaution, if suffering form ailments , taking other medication, or children, elderly or pregnant women.

  3. This tea powder goes in daily smoothie. Helps boost to fight cancer in husband prostate and kidney with blueberries pineapple carrot kale/spinach/ apple raw honey raw beet fresh ginger root fresh slice lemon celery. Unsweetened almond milk.

  4. If you’re looking to purchase matcha to try it out, you think you’ll enjoy it, and you want it to last a while, then purchase Yupik Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder. This pouch came with 250g of the product for about $25, where as you can expect to pay the same amount for about 100-125g of matcha.Keep in mind that this matcha is by no means of the highest quality. It’s not the lowest either, but you can tell it’s lacking some chlorophyll that gives high grade matcha it’s vibrant green colour. You’ll notice that the hue of this one is more of a waxed-bean (Yellowish Green) colour.Not as much of a fishy flavour that some low grade matcha’s can provide but it’s still there a little bit if you’re just consuming it with water.A teaspoon and a half in about 250ml of water did result in projectile vomit after about 10 minutes of the last sip, which might be due to my personal tolerance, or that I had used too much, downing it down to a single teaspoon has been fine. I find it to be a very pleasurable drink when mixed with water, milk and a little bit of liquid coffee mate (flavoring).

  5. This is now our go-to matcha tea. We bought a few to figure out which one was the highest grade in terms of colour, feel and flavour. This one is the greenest, freshest, softest feel of all the matchas we found so far. It also frothes with the bamboo beater in a latte-like consistency, unlike other brands. It is, simply put, the best matcha we found. I am so thankful for it, as I was trying to find a high grade matcha for my husband, who is trying to beat cancer. We mix 1/2 teaspoon to 2oz of water, about 80 centigrades hot, with a bamboo beater, and he takes it three times a day. We are about to increase to four. So far, we have noticed an increase in alertness as well as a change in his skin — he is no longer clammy, just regular dry skin feel now. I am really thankful to matcha, and excited about this brand in particular.

  6. I had tried a previous product and always thought there will be a bitterness and seaweed taste to matcha. Little did I know, it wasn’t. THIS!!! this is so good and smooth, it doesn’t clump when you use a sifter. (I also just poured a teaspoon in hot water and it mixed well…but sifter is so much easier) I really love this product, I’m really happy I tried it. Also lots of matcha for your buck and it’s good so it won’t just sit there on your counter for ages. Will buy again!

  7. This was my 1st experience with any sort of matcha tea I am used to the regular green tea bags (Clippers) and decided to have a go at some of the powdery stuff. When it arrived there was green powder all over the packet. I was thinking they gave me some green dyed baby powder or something it was so light and stuck to everything.I dont have green tea with anything but hot water and wanted to keep it that way otherwise what is the point really? I really like the taste, even though it doesnt really have a taste at all. But the effects are what got me the most. I am full of energy and I have not had a coffee all week. This is what impressed me the most. My digestive system has sped up ten fold and my insides feel very clean all week. This stuff is really great and so much better then regular tbags. Though I will still drink those too.

  8. This was my first matcha experience, so I didn’t want to buy very expensive matcha.This match is not terrible. It is well packaged, and when fresh, is a deep dark green color.The fact it is culinary grade and is taken from the lower parts of the tea branch, you can expectbitterness and slight fishy/seaweed flavor if you drink it plain. I found that it was much more palatableif I added a few teaspoons of organic honey. I’m sure if you intend to use it in smoothies, baking or latte itwould be ok. I will say that at one teaspoon doses, my wife got total relief from arthritis pain and swellingin her hands – we have both stopped drinking coffee after realizing that this tea is truly medicinal and the energy boost lasts most of the day. I will also say that we upgraded to a ceremonial grade matcha for drinking and now use this brand for baking etc. It is a great product for baking etc., but I would advise against it if you want a great drinking tea without having to add sweetener or other additives to make it tolerable. Premium or ceremonial grade is fantastic for that.

  9. Finally! A good tasting matcha – it is a designated taste for those who enjoy matcha tea but this is the one I found similar to Starbucks besides the sweetness. It is at a very good price for the amount that you get – definitely recommend! No complaints!

  10. I really like this product and am enjoying a daily cup. I add only 1/2 a tsp and have some trouble dissolving it but have since purchased a hand held mixer. Looking forward to seeing if this helps. I just feel some of the tea is wasted undissolved in my cup so if the mixer isn’t able to mix this well, I will just reduce to 1/4 tsp and have 2 cups daily. The flavor is quite nice so I’m happy to have the product. Just have to learn how to dissolve better.

  11. Most matcha green tea powders don’t seem to mix well by stirring. They all tend to separate and the taste is somewhat gritty. Who is going to break out the blender for a cup of tea? Might as well go back to tea bags. I know, its not the same. Well, this brand of matcha power is more like freeze-dried grains, very similar to instant coffee. So this brand melts well and consistent from cup to cup. Hot or cold, mixes just the same.The sweetness is very very mild. Almost like a teaspoon of sugar in 12 oz of coffee sweet.So, If you enjoy a serving of matcha and prefer it slightly sweet, this is for you.

  12. This is really good! Love making matcha latte, make sure to add some sugar as this is pure. Tasted like the matcha sold at Aroma Cafe

  13. I am Nisei and mass consumer of green tea in all forms. I have tried Jade leaf, matcha moon, matcha love and now this by Ito en. This is by far the freshest and most vibrant green out of all of them. The green color reminds me of the lush spring green forests of Japan. This is a quality product of Japan for a great price.First when I opened the bag I was a bit surprised to find that it is in tiny granular form and was worried it wouldn’t dissolve and may be too sweet. but I was wrong. Each morning I mix a couple teaspoons with an 8oz glass of COLD milk and use a milk frother for a few seconds and it dissolves easily with little to no sediment at the bottom. I’m sure it would dissolve in hot or warm water as well.I also have tried the unsweetened powder form without sweetener and it is just as good of quality without the sugar. Here is a picture of the two side by side. The sweetened kind is on the left. The sweetened bag is usually cheaper with 17.5 oz and the unsweetened powder is 12.5 oz and more expensive. Don’t ask me why. I admit that I usually don’t like too sweet of anything and water down my soda but this amount of sweetness is perfect for me. I feel younger, have more energy, and have never been healthier. Here’s to living past a healthy 130 years old. Cheers!

  14. I’m the furthest thing from a tea snob, so I’m not one to compare the subtle differences in taste and quality between different brands of matcha tea. If you’re a casual tea drinker who is looking for something healthy and affordable, this is a great pick.

  15. There are tons of matcha teas on the market and it’s not always easy to know you will get a quality product when you buy one. I was pleasantly surprised with the Teami matcha tea. Refined taste and a great pleasure moment.

  16. Matcha green tea of a high quality, easy to use in a water bottle. Does not come in pixies but I worked out a system for traveling and having individual servings prepackaged to dump into the water bottle. Flavor is great and the price is excellent.

  17. Love it so already schedule for monthly delivery. I use it with my smoothie I put almond milk, banana, avocado, spinach, green tea powder, date and honey

  18. This is culinary grade matcha so I knew the flavour wasn’t going to be the best. The colour is not too bad a sit could be more muddy. It is chalky and harder for the matcha to dissolve and the taste is bitter which lingers through out. I don’t mind the bitterness personally but keep it in mind. It is also more watery so you need more product to get any matcha flavour as anything you add to it (almond milk,water etc) dilutes the flavour quite a bit. Now if you want to keep the freshness and taste make sure you store it in an air tight container and also light-tight( no light or sun can directly get through). Or keep it in a cool dark place with no humidity.

  19. For anyone who is interested here is my recipe for Green Tea Ice cream using this brand. I fiddled around and this was the winner! If you like ice cream and love green tea, this is for you.1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk, chilled2 cups 35% cream (whipping cream)1 tsp good quality vanilla (I use Mexican vanilla)4 TBS Jade Leaf green tea powderIn large bowl with hand blender on high speed blend together sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and whipping cream until soft peaks form. Add green tea powder and blend until stiff peaks form being careful not to over beat. Transfer to a resealable container and freeze at least 6 hrs (soft ice cream) to 12 hrs (hard ice cream).My husband claims its better than some we’ve bought in Asian groceries. Enjoy!

  20. The first time I bought this product, it wasn’t that good. The colouring was off like dark. And it was really bitter and unpleasant. I was going to buy a different brand but I gave it one more shot and the package I got this time is really good! It tastes nearly identical to Starbucks matcha. It’s a nice bright green and tastes like green tea. So yeah, I might have just gotten a bad batch the first time.This matcha is good for lattes and cooking. It’s not ceremonial grade matcha so people here really need to lower their expectations. Especially since this matcha is relatively cheap.

  21. This product is exactly what you want from any matcha you order online. It tastes great, very light. The package does not come with a scoop which is a bummer but nothing you can’t sort out on your own. I use this every day and I have had no issues with it combining weird with anything. Sometimes you may need to blend a little extra to make sure there aren’t any clumps remaining, but nothing wild. Definitely recommend!

  22. The first time I tried matcha so didn’t quite know what to expect and was worried it would be just another fad, not based on a good flavour.I did, however, really like the flavour and how smooth and thick the drink was when I made it with oat milk (haven’t tried it with any other types of milk yet).I didn’t use any whisks or anything, just mixed it with a spoon and it dissolved OK.Really pleased and am sure to continue buying this matcha!

  23. This tastes noticeably fresher than the matcha I have been drinking, which was the PureChimp ceremonial grade matcha.I’ve had it with hot water and as a latte type drink and it works great in both. Probably the best matcha I’ve drunk!

  24. Normally I would use Do Matcha Organic Matcha, but I saw this brand with great reviews and a lower cost. I decided to try. While it does not have the moisture wicking sachets nor the extra aluminium foil bags to seal the matcha, it still had freshly sealed matcha. Once opened, however, I would expect it to lose its freshness quicker than that of Do Match’s packaging; Thus I reduced the packaging rating by 1.However, at a much lower price point, I think this provides great value. The Matcha has a vivid green colour, strong aroma, and smooth to the taste.If you want great matcha at great value, this matcha is for you. I would definitely buy this again.

  25. I love Mighty Leaf matcha, in my opinion I think it’s the best out there (and trust me, I’ve tasted A LOT). I was excited to get a huge 3oz bag to start making my own. It came today (November 16), and the best by date is November 30th! Even if I had 3 a day I couldn’t finish it by then! I’m sure it will still be tasty, but wow am I disappointed.

  26. At first I was concerned about the quality because it’s 2-4x cheaper than other products at similar price, but reviews were mostly positive.I am no expert in matcha, so I couldn’t tell you how good it is objectively. However what I can tell you is it tastes great to me and I’m very happy with it. I tried it with hot water and it’s good, but others might like theirs with sugar/milk. You can also use it for smoothies, desserts, anything really. They say it’s ideal for cooking rather than drinking it on its own, but don’t let that stop you if you like it.Matcha is supposedly really healthy, but keep in mind no ‘superfood’ can undo an unhealthy lifestyle. And if you’re in this for health benefits but have to add extra desserts and sugar to your diet to tolerate it, you may be doing more harm than good.The company is professional and seems to be making a real effort. They even sent me a free cookbook with 25 recipes.

  27. Delicious matcha tea. A small kind jar which is good for maybe a week and a half of everyday tea but if you don’t drink it everyday it should last longer lol

  28. love this green tea!! It really helped with bloat!! I drank it straight like a hebal tea. one bag can make at least 4 /5 cup. I thought was expensive for how many you get. but other then that loved it

  29. Only 1 tea spoon is enough for me to make small iced matcha latte. Tasty. Worth the money.

  30. I really like this tea but it can be little bit cheaper

  31. Good taste good value gets me through the day to avoid coffee, not overwhelming either for people with higher blood pressure and keeps you awake a while like it should, I get about 10 frappuccino drinks out of one bag which normally cost $6.50 each at a restaurant so it pays for itself if you know how to use a blender add ice add milk and 1-2 tablespoons of matcha and sugar/sweetener depending on your needs

  32. Smashing tea in a no fuss package very,very good value for money I will be buying again

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