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The Secret Benefits Of Ginger

The Secret Benefits Of Ginger

Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd. 2013 gbs preview

This book unravels the mysterious world of ginger and turmeric and gives a detailed account of their origin, cultivation, botanical make-up, chemical composition, and medicinal and culinary uses.

Ginger Snapped

Ginger Snapped

Minotaur Books. 2017 gbs preview

Murder comes well-seasoned in Ginger Snapped, Gail Oust's newest novel in the charming, "must-read" (Publishers Weekly) Spice Shop mystery series. Piper Prescott and Police Chief Wyatt McBride might have gotten off on the wrong foot but, over the past year, their interactions have evolved into a friendship of sorts. And when the body of Shirley Randolph is found floating in a fishing hole, their relationship reaches entirely new territory. Shirley, the town's Realtor of the Year, was also...

Ginger, Turmeric and Indian Arrowroot

Ginger, Turmeric and Indian Arrowroot

AGRIHORTICO. 2021 gbs preview

This small book explains in detail growing practices and health benefits of three prominent members of Ginger family such as ginger, turmeric and Indian arrowroot. Ginger is tropical and subtropical in its growth habit. It is grown for its aromatic rhizomes which are used as a vegetable, a spice and as a traditional medicine. Ginger rhizomes are often called ‘ginger root’ though it is not actually a root. As in case of all plants belonging to ginger family, turmeric also prefers tropical and...

  1. I get through so much ginger making large batches of gingerbread that I decided to order in bulk to save money. I was a bit dubious about the quality of buying in bulk online, however this ginger was fresh, vibrant and flavourful and I needed to use less than I normally do for the same flavour. It wasn’t lumpy like other brands and did not require sieving. So far I haven’t encountered any root pieces either. The ginger gets stored in a big glass jar to reduce mess from opening and closing the packet.Excellent value for money!

  2. great product, worth the price

  3. This is the best ginger product on the market in my opinion. It is 100% ground ginger root with nothing else added which is key because too many ginger products are pumped full of sugar. Any minor to medium gastrointestinal pain, bloating, and nausea is easily cleared up by one or two of these for me and sometimes are an absolute life saver when my stomach really hurts.If you are looking for a ginger product look no further.

  4. Amazing ginger tea.Brew for 4-5min is perfect taste for me.And I use it twice from the same one tea spoon of the ginger tea.The second serving is just as good as the first one or even better.Very fresh smell of ginger and taste so good & refreshing!!They sent me 3 X10g sample packs of different flavours for free trial gift which was a big surpriseand made me very happy.Highly recommend this tea and the company!!

  5. really pure

  6. Reply Avatar of Mrs Sarah P Stonehill
    Mrs Sarah P Stonehill 19. August 2019 at 0:00

    Bought this for a friend who is having chemotherapy, it helps with the sickness. It’s very strong so wouldn’t use as much as suggested but lovely cold. Also made ice lollies from the tea which were really refreshing.

  7. ProsThe quantity for the money can’t be beat. Seriously fantastic price.Definitely contains gingerConsSome of the product is a little overcooked, brown and bitter.Some pieces are clumped together.There’s probably too much sugar coating.The bag sucks, it doesn’t reseal well – use a ziplock!Overall, while it has the nice heat of ginger, the overall taste is only okay. The candied ginger bought in bulk stores definitely tastes better. Brands like Gin Gins and Chimes are much better if you’re looking for a delightful tasty Ginger snack.If you’re looking for ginger for medical purposes such as headaches and nausea this should do you just fine.

  8. Got this as ginger is good for the stomach and feeling sick/indigestion, this tea worked the best for me. It has a strong flavour also I found I didn’t need alot for it to have the desired effect. Didn’t brew properly in DIY tea bags but a tea ball works well, if you just bung it in a cup with hot water it’s a real mess.

  9. This tea is really nice and warming. I really like ginger and it works really well as a tea. I’m a big fan of herbal teas and this is one of my favourites. If you don’t drink herbal tea this tea might convert you because it’s that nice. I originally bought it because I get a lot of nausea for some reason. Iv’e been to a doctor about this and even they could’t work out why after their tests. They prescribed me anti nausea tablets but I only get 20 a month and this doesn’t always last me a month. My boyfriend told me that ginger tea is really good for nausea and at first I didn’t believe him because he has suggested herbal remedies for other conditions I have that haven’t worked for me such as lavender to help me sleep. I decided to try it anyway because I really like ginger and I knew it wouldn’t make it any worse. It actually did help a lot for nausea and I thanked him for the advice. It’s naturally caffeine free so you can drink it at any time of day. If you like ginger I would definitely recommend this tea even if you have never tried any other herbal tea. It’s a very nice and warming tea and it has the added benefit of helping when you feel sick.

  10. Reply Avatar of Hans Müller, Belfast
    Hans Müller, Belfast 22. October 2020 at 0:00

    Ginger powder is the very best for painful joints. I consume three tea spoons per day and it keep my pain far away!One for brekko, one for my after noon Tea and one for my evening Tea. I combinate Ginger powder with Turmeric.I don’t have to consume any pain killers at all.The Nature heal me 100%!I love cooking and it’s a great ingredience in currys and soup.

  11. I bought this product when it did not have any reviews and decided to give it a shot. I like its packaging and the taste is great. Very fine powder, which melts in my beverage well. The packaging looks just like the photos shown on the product page.

  12. Decided to order this Ginger powder and very glad I did. Looks high quality and has a very powerful yet fresh flavor.

  13. This ginger powder is absolutely incredible and tastes better than the ginger in tea bags. Originally I was looking for ginger tea but decided to give this powder a shot and man am I happy I did. The powder smells like fresh ginger and the taste really packs a punch. The powder also dissolves easily in water. So long as the quality of this product remains the same I am definitely going to be a repeat buyer.

  14. Reply Avatar of A spiritual traveller
    A spiritual traveller 15. May 2021 at 0:00

    works very well for my chai tea

  15. I love the taste of string ginger and settles my stomach too. I always find the supermarket ginger teas weak. This one is great as it’s pure ginger and don’t need a lot for a strong taste.

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