Dried Chamomile

Dried Chamomile

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CRC Press. 2005 gbs preview

For over 2000 years, preparations of chamomile flowers have counted among the medicinal treasures of many cultural groups. This book provides an interdisciplinary inventory of the scientific level of knowledge about German chamomile as well as Roman chamomile, the two types of chamomile most produced. It includes information for pharmacists and the



CRC Press. 2014 gbs preview

In use as a medicinal plant since time immemorial in Europe and the Middle East, chamomile is gaining popularity in the Americas, Australia, and Asia. The spectrum of disease conditions in which it is used in traditional medicine systems is, quite simply, mind boggling. There is, without a doubt, a growing demand for this plant and therefore a growing need for an updated ready reference for the researchers, cultivators, and entrepreneurs who wish to work with chamomile. Chamomile: Medicinal,...

how to become a cup of chamomile tea

how to become a cup of chamomile tea

L.P.N.. 2019 gbs preview

“how to become a cup of chamomile tea” is an inspirational journal surrounding the life of a college student who had more to learn than just from textbooks. “how to become a cup of chamomile tea” became an outlet for her to define different aspects of her life such as education, independence, health, friends, and family. Try reading a chapter in the morning with your own cup of chamomile tea, and you may begin to learn the secrets that taught her how to transcend (an adopted, supernatural...

  1. When i realized i was becoming a slave to scanning the aisles for boxes of plain camomile teabags on sale, i thought, what am i doing???? And yes the teas would taste different too. So i saw this and thought, why not, let’s take a chance. Well! this one pound bag is the size of a small pillow. what a surprise. I put some of it in a small jar to use through the week, took some to work…. At first i thought ‘load it up’ and would put heaping tablespoon in for my (3 cup) teapot and thought, oh is this bitter? i have had camo tea bags from Slovenia and Croatia is practically next door, how can this be? oh, i was putting too much in. Level tablespoon, easy does it… Water does not have to be super boiling either.. unplug the kettle for a bit.. then pour, let it brew. In summer i will make pot getting ready for bed, and have warm tea for sleep, and during night, and in morning nice to have cold tea. Just a wee strainer,(no more tea bags/paper refuse)required. If i forget it at work, it is still good in the pot next day, and if it’s weekend and i still have some in pot , i put in fridge for “iced tea” for the next week….the finished flowers go in the compost (just scoop out with my fingers – i mean do teabags even rot in the compost?)It’s mild tasting, it’s camomile… I know people have their preferences, but i really taste the different flavour harmonics in this tea when it’s cold.A bonus of this is you can rinse your hair with it, and it is great as an eye wash.. yes, there i am, dabbing my tired eyes at work with my camo tea (ha ha)…no, really! bonus..So, i think this was worth the venture back to bagless tea…

  2. I previously reported they had a bad run of Silver Needle Tea, well… they are buying good Silver Needle again, so three cheers for Davidsons Tea.

  3. I bought this and mixed it 50/50 with peppermint leaf. The tea taste great. We drink it at night before bed with a little honey and it really seems to be helping us sleep better. I have used it about a week, after the first night i noticed a difference. I felt more rested and work up earlier than normal. My kids and wife have even started waking up earlier. Only conclusion I come to is that this product is making us sleep better.It has a slightly bitter taste which really seems to hit the spot. Do some research bitter are good for you.

  4. the moment you open the bag the smell of Camomile fill the room. It is actual dried flowers and not some dried up petals you find in sachets. the taste is Nirvana. the amount is huge. I filled 13 David’s tin with the content of the bag. I will strongly recommend it.

  5. Has a great taste. Good whole buds. Very pleased with the quality. Will buy again

  6. I never leave all stars out of principal alone. However, I feel this product, and the shipping, is truly exceptional and should be noted as such. Firstly, it was shipped in a box! So perfect for my teas, it was intact, rather than crushed and powdery, as so many I have ordered, from different companies, has been. Secondly, it was so fresh, and the smell so strong, that when I opened it my husband commented how strong it was from across the room. Finally, I dont think I’ve ever seen chamomile this large! The final product, made as tea, was truly exceptional! This will forever be my go to chamomile, and I cant wait to see what other products they have! I feel that great care and pride is reflected in their product from start to finish!

  7. I really enjoy tea pigs brand tea. there loose tea is a pretty good quaility tea and doesnt break the bank. I do wish they offered all there teas in Loose bulk but still enjoy them non the less.there customer service is amazing and happily helped me on the one issue I had.

  8. Okay I’m sold on this tea , whole leave makes all the difference !A few of my family members and myself suffer from occasional insomnia and this stuff knocked us right out .I like it better than melatonin!

  9. I bought this to make little sacs, like catnip, but with camomile.I did you a couple bags and I am So happy the cat loves it and has calmed her down.It’s kinda bonkers.I should have read more to see how much was in the bag. I hope it stays fresh as the size bag to cat ratio is off. She’ll be set for a year!

  10. I’ve tried a few brands – but this is amazing – and great value

  11. The product is not matricaria chamomilla, the true camomille, but most likely anthemis nobilis or “Roman camomille”. Not only these two plants differ in their medical effectiveness but the Roman camomille, if taken in large amounts, may have adverse side effects.

  12. I am that type of person who goes for camomile tea whilst enjoying me-time before bed. I have to say I am beyond impressed with this brand. And admiteddly a fan now!There’s an incredible smell as soon as you open it. Once you smell this you question how is it possible that you’ve been drinking the other brands of tea for so long. There’s so much more flavour in this, so much more intense.Stop browsing through the reviews and buy this now. Seriously.

  13. Good for putting in boiling water and using it as a facial steamer to open up sinuses. Good and can be used to open up a blocked nose.

  14. Reply Avatar of Francis Carpentier
    Francis Carpentier 25. January 2021 at 0:00

    This is a very nice quality of bulk tea. I use it with an infuser and can use it from 1 to 3 infuses without the flavours being “watered down”. Make sure you follow the label for the water temperature; it will either be a VERY bitter drink if you use boiling water as opposed to the one they Suggest.

  15. A delicious tea, tastes so luxurious I can never go back to camomile tea from a teabag. This is perfect in the evening as it is so relaxing, I have ordered so many packets of these and sent them to different family members as far as Saudi Arabia and received great feedback.

  16. I will gladly order this again, the flowers are full and barely any dust and the flavor and scent is fantastic. I will order again and again but I won’t need to anytime soon, this bag will last me a while. Helps me sleep at night and keep me relaxed and sane, during the day. Chammomile tea is good for the soul.

  17. This is the best quality Chamomile you can get, anywhere.Also the price is quite fair.Worth every cent.

  18. Daughter loves this tea! Smells fantastic!

  19. I crushed these along with lavender to make a body powder. They smell wonderful and it’s a huge bag. Doesn’t matter if there are stems for this project. Even for a tea, crushing them & using a strainer would solve that!

  20. Reply Avatar of Marguerite Arbour/Heavenscent Body Care
    Marguerite Arbour/Heavenscent Body Care 3. July 2021 at 0:00

    Great Product. Perfect for infusing.

  21. I like this product and would purchase again.

  22. Very good aroma, strong herb. It works well for restful nights. I have one to three cups of the tea along the evening, well before bed time.

  23. Exactly as described. Stayed fresh for a very long time. When you get near the bottom of the bag it was quite dusty so we had to strain out the last 1/4 of the bag because the particles were just to small to use. Wonderful flavor. Would buy again.

  24. My order was fast, on time, the bag was huge, perfect. I will order again. Packaging was great,Thank you

  25. It taste great , my only drawback was that the stems could be a little shorter. I threw it in my grinder and into my tea bag.

  26. Liked everything about it fresh and natural, great taste smell and relaxing. Will buy again 😁

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