Devil’s Claw Extract

Devil’s Claw Extract

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The Impact of Certification on the Sustainable Use of Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum Procumbens) in Namibia

The Impact of Certification on the Sustainable Use of Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum Procumbens) in Namibia

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Essential Herbs and Natural Supplements

Essential Herbs and Natural Supplements

Elsevier Health Sciences. 2017 gbs preview

Essential Herbs and Natural Supplements is an evidence-based quick reference guide. This go-to resource is essential for safe and effective clinical recommendations of herbal medicines and natural supplements. It provides current, evidence-based monographs on the 50 most commonly used herbs, nutrients and food supplements. It emphasises safe practice with strategies to prevent adverse drug reactions, guidelines in assessing benefit, risk and harm and the evaluation of research. 50...

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    Jennifer's Reviews 25. March 2017 at 0:00

    I’ve had arthritis since I was a teenager and I always try the new remedies.This is actually a very old remedy – a herb with pretty pink flowers, It’s been used for centuries to treat osteoarthritis, gout, migraine and tendonitis. It gets its name from the herb’s attractive seed pods, which hook onto a passing sheep’s wool and thus, are carried away and seeded elsewhere.I’ve found that the relief from pain is almost instant – within a day – and if I leave the Devil’s Claw off for a few days the pain returns. This dosage comes in a small, dry tablet – easy to take. It has a few side effects which for me have been very minor indeed. For example, Devil’s Claw can cause diarrhoea if taken to excess. I know that if I have a few mild griping pains it’s time to ease off. Also I’ve noticed my blood pressure drops when I’m taking Devil’s Claw which for me is a bonus.All in all an excellent supplement that’s brought me real relief. A reasonable price for a quality product – delivery very fast. Clear labelling and easy-open cap make this suitable for those with a visual disability.

  2. Umm yummy!….. good service no problems.

  3. My goodness I would not be without these tablets, I have back and I take these everyday, they help me tremendously

  4. I got these for my elderly neighbour as he’s not online and he reports that they are as good as a prescription painkiller for his sore knee joints. I did advise him that he needed to take them regularly but he didn’t seem to understand or want to do that and just takes them when his knees hurt – and it seems to work for him! He just pops two pills whenever he’s going to be particularly active that day and says they work almost immediately.I can’t see it myself as these types of herbal remedies have to be taken regularly before the body starts to react to them and for them to take effect but he seems to think that you take them like ordinary painkillers – when you have a pain, pop a pill and it will go away! If this is indeed the case, they are a miracle cure but I did notice in the reviews that some people did in-fact experience this effect so maybe my neighbour is right or maybe it’s just a placebo effect – he thinks they work immediately so they do!I must say though; I buy a liquid Devil’s Claw remedy for my arthritic dog and that works almost immediately. If she has walked a long way and is particularly stiff or in pain, I give her a bit extra and she seems a lot more comfortable afterwards so it’s obvious that this Devils Claw stuff is pretty effectual as a painkiller for arthritic pain in animals and humans.

  5. About a year and a half ago I had spinal surgery and I’ve since been trying to find supplements that reduce the inflammation throughout the healing process; devils claw has so far been the best product I could find in regards to this. I only take two tablets a day alongside my prescribed medication and it works really well – I’m barely ever in pain now, and at such a reasonable price.

  6. I have been suffering beyond belief with lower back pain, each morning . and it would radiate down through my leg. I have also been having pins and needles down my leg into my foot. I am a 54 year old woman going through peri menopause. All of which I have been experiencing was part and parcel of body change. In desperation i began searching and came across devils claw. I received it last Saturday, and instantly took one. I waited until later that day and took a 2nd one, and then my third later that evening. I started to feel the effect the same day! and since taking my pain has diminished. I still feel a slight ache but no where near what i had been experiencing. 4th full day and i have improved tenfold. I strongly suggest any woman heading for the change of life to give them a go.

  7. Love this product, helps with pain

  8. Well packaged. Came right on time.It is very bitter. It relieved my bloated stomach and helped with constipation.

  9. E’ un prodotto che aiuta ad alleviare dolori articolari.

  10. Excelente sabor. Excelentes propiedades nutricionales.

  11. Bought these for my hubby who as terrible back pain and is under a chiropractor these have helped him a lot why he is waiting for next appointments he certainly recommends these

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