Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2

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Lamberts Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), 50mg, 100 Kapseln
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Umkehrung des Vitamin B2-Mangels (Ariboflavinose, Riboflavin)

Umkehrung des Vitamin B2-Mangels (Ariboflavinose, Riboflavin)

Rohe Kraft. 2022 gbs-Vorschau

Ein wirklich hilfreiches und unterstützendes Arbeitsbuch, das Ihnen helfen wird, Ihre Gesundheitsziele in kurzer Zeit zu erreichen. Ein Muss!



Springer. 2011 gbs-Vorschau

Dieser Band stellt einen interdisziplinären Ansatz zum Verständnis der Chemie, Physiologie und medizinischen Bedeutung des Vitamins Riboflavin dar. Es wurden Informationen über die physiologische Rolle des Vitamins, die metabolischen Auswirkungen von Riboflavinmangel bei Tieren und Menschen sowie die Regulierung des Riboflavin-Stoffwechsels überprüft.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2
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  1. I purchased these after reading several articles (then positive reviews) about the benefits of Vitamin B2 for migraine prevention. As a long-time migraine sufferer who is wary of daily prescription medication (you mean I can possibly have less migraines, but I might gain weight, my hair might fall out, and my liver might fail?!), I had mostly gotten along with as-needed prescriptions and more days spent on the couch with an ice pack than I care to count. After years of doctor’s office visits, arguing with a neurologist (no, I won’t take a daily med that you’re telling me you may need to prescribe an accompanying prescription for the side effects of the first med), and a number of ER trips, I turned to google and stumbled across the benefits of B2. Since I began taking these (in 400mg doses, 4 caplets per day since December 1st), I’ve only had one headache (NOT a migraine!). This is a significant improvement over mini-migraines daily and 1 – 3 full-blown migraines weekly. As an added benefit, these capsules are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives, and they are reasonably priced.

  2. I started taking this product to help get rid of migraines. I first bought it early Jan 2016 based on recommendations on amazon. Since taking them (4 a day) I have not had a migraine or needed my medication. I used to get them monthly, sometimes repeatedly in a week. I am astounded that this works for me. I also take Magnesium 200MG a day to alleviate them as well but the magnesium alone never rid me of my migraines. I take it (B2 and Magnesium) religiously – every day and would swear by it. I recommended it to my dr as well. He was pleasantly surprised that it worked and had known of it’s potential benefits but was not sure of its authenticity. He made a note to let his other patients know that it worked for me. This has been a blessing for me.

  3. I began taking B-2 supplements several years ago when when my neurologist recommended Migrelief (an OTC preparation that contains feverfew, riboflavin and magnesium) to help manage my chronic migraine headaches. To my relief – no pun intended – the Migrelief did ease some of my migraine symptoms, as well as produce another most unexpected side effect; the almost total clearing of my lifelong eczema.I mean, my hands went from being itching, weeping, cracking messes that I loathingly resorted to slathering in steroid cream constantly just for peace, to calm, healing skin in less than a week of taking the pills. I was thrilled, of course, but amazed that no doctor had ever recommended any kind of supplement to help cure my eczema.Obviously, I wondered which ingredient specifically triggered the remission, but didn’t find out until the Migrelief supply on the Amazon Subscribe & Save program became unsteady, and since it was virtually unavailable locally, I decided that it was silly not to simply purchase the ingredients separately. This Nature’s Way B-2 was the most economical way to get the 400 milligram daily dosage of riboflavin that is in Migrelief.For the purpose of experimentation, I began the individual supplements separately, and this is when I learned that it is the riboflavin that suppresses my eczema symptoms. That’s amazing. Why don’t more people talk about this? Am I the only one that has this reaction??Anyway, I would give the product 5 stars if a higher dosage pill would be made available… for someone who must take multiple pills daily, the four capsules needed of this product to get the 400 mg. dosage I require is somewhat cumbersome – I feel waterlogged by the time I’m done swallowing all my pills for the day!

  4. Just what I need

  5. 2 x 100mg a day and the migraines disappear…

  6. Very high good quality. Top quality vitamin brand. Helps with migraines and headaches. I take 400mg a day and haven’t had a migraine since.

  7. Solid. Small capsules. Feel you get more quality products with Biocare.

  8. My son had daily headaches and after seeing a neurologist, he recommended that he take B2 and magnesium daily as a preventive measure along with aerobic exercise use. My son takes the vitamins daily, and sometimes he get a workout in…. the headaches are much improved. He’s been taking them for over a year now.

  9. This is now my 2nd bottle. My neurologist suggested I start taking 100 mg of riboflavin daily along with magnesium to reduce my daily migraines. It hasn’t stopped them completely but I have definitely noticed a huge difference since starting them. I also recommend this particular one over others just due to the size of the pills and their ease to swallow

  10. When deciding which brand for Vitamin B2, I chose Solgar, as it’s a reputable supplement company I’ve used before. This bottle is glass, has an aluminum top, and about the same size as a prescription vial. The capsules are small and easy to swallow with no aftertaste Like others, I’m trying it as an addition to my migraine preventive treatment.

  11. I ordered this for my mother if you have migraines this is an amazing thing it helps to prevent them from coming and for her it works she can’t go without it we had a hard time finding the dosage and this brand anywhere except for Whole Foods but still cheaper on amazon

  12. Very good product..helping me with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

  13. I started taking this to help with my migraines. I take two in the morning and two at night and it is definitely helping to reduce how many migraines I get. Also, this is the first product when taken with magnesium, that is helping to reduce menstrual migraines, which any improvement is amazing. I will definitely continue this product every day. No negative side effects from this.

  14. Great to mega dose (200 mg) daily for migraine prevention. Easily digestible, great product, came very quickly.

  15. I had consistent migraines for about a month. Read an article that referred B2. I can tell a difference after a week or two and the migraines slowly went away.

  16. Was told to take this, daily, to prevent headaches. This far, it seems to help! I’ve been taking it for over two months.

  17. This is a supplement I need to help me absorb D3.

  18. Did you know B2 helps with migraines? I stumbled upon this while searching frantically for relief for my son. He was in a roll over wreck several years ago and struggled with migraines ever since. These help! He ran out at college and forgot to tell me. He came home with migraines again. I ordered these and they work wonderful.

  19. I like that these come in a glass bottle and that the capsules are so tiny and easy to swallow. They are definitely potent because they cause my urine to change to a bright color which is probably from the excess being excreted. I try to take it early in the day so it doesn’t cause me to have to get up during the night to empty my bladder. It does cause a bit of urinary urgency. I wonder if I should consider a lower dose version, but this dose was recommended when taking iodine.

  20. I take these as prescribed by my doctor to help with migraines. I waited until they went on sale for almost half price. The pills are coated so that your fingers and anything you touch afterwards do not turn yellow like can happen with B2. Can beat the deal when they are on sale. I will buy them again.

  21. Urine gets stained bright yellow.Tablets are a little larger than I expected.Good price and good quality.I use these for migraine control; xcellent for me

  22. Very easy to swallow.Sadly I cannot review the price as it’s not currently listed, but anything under £9 would represent good value considering you get 100 capsules.These capsules are completely tasteless as long as you swallow them, but like all tablets if you keep them too long in your mouth, then they will leave a bitter after-taste.Given the current times we live in I think investing in good quality vitamins is a wise precaution. Despite the opinion of most doctors that the majority of the content goes down the drain, as our bodies reject it as uneeded, but I think they miss the point of supplements, they are precisely that they supplement our diet and fill in where ever we miss something.Me I’m happy to take these as so far in the last 24 months I’ve been completely cold free. I put it down to taking suplements like these!

  23. Small capsules that are very easy to swallow. It is difficult to say how effective vitamins are specifically but I do find I have more stamina when taking these.

  24. I purchase this vitamins because my son had headaches very often (10 years old ) and I didn’t want to give him medication, this vitamins are amazing they really work

  25. I take one at bedtime with magnesium as recommended by neurologist to help minimize headaches. I can’t take regular over the counter headache pills because of a liver problem. Definitely helps.Regular routine for years now.

  26. I will be a life long purchaser. I suffered from menstrual migraines/pms for a few years. Took otc and beta blockers they wore out. Come to find out I discovered on my own that I was deficient in vitamins/minerals on accident. The beta blocker made me lose some hair thank goodness now a month of being off of it my hair is not falling out. I read somewhere that B vitamins help. Looks like medical websites need to state one cause of migraines is nutritional deficiencies before they turn to other things first. What a waste of a few years going to the doctor about migraines. I take prenatals and vitamin B2 the week before my period. And I take B2 daily. I only need 1 dose anything else is too much on my system. I’m 5’3 150 pounds.

  27. Needed large doses for migraine maintenance and this was a reliable source and affordable price. Not always available in the drugstores so it was really nice to have it reliable.

  28. Was recommended I take this by a neurologist for chronic migraine. I don’t know if it is helping or not as I am also taking magnesium (which helps immensely, @ any chronic migraine sufferers).It did make my urine neon yellow, which was alarming at first, although normal.It was still cheaper than buying at a local pharmacy or grocery store.

  29. One of my neurologist suggested I start taking B2 for barometric pressure headache. It has lessened the frequency and severity of my headaches.

  30. I thought it was normal my whole life to get a headache at the slightest bit of stress. Even just THINKING about something I had to do around the house would make my head hurt for the rest of the day. I finally saw a neurologist this past March after my headaches became almost daily migraines for months, and he recommended I take 100mg of B2 twice a day and 400mg of magnesium once a day. I have always been incredibly skeptical of supplements, so I decided to just roll my eyes and play along. But this really works!! It’s been absolutely life-changing. I can’t believe I spent the entire first 20 years of my life thinking having probably 15 or so headache days a month was okay. Honestly makes me a little choked up thinking about how much needless pain I suffered through.If you’re as suspicious of supplements as I am but suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, please try this!!

  31. I take Vitamin B2 to help prevent migraines. Been taking it for a few years, I take 200 mg a day, one 100 mg pill in the morning with breakfast, one in the evening with dinner. It, along with using magnesium oil every few days, have worked wonders in drastically reducing the number of migraines I have each month to the point where I rarely have to take my prescription meds, which was my initial goal. I have lighter migraines than most (hence the 200 mg instead of the regular 400 mg, the lower dosage has worked thus far), but they are still a pain so I’ve reduced triggers over the years in addition to this preventative routine to get to the point where I have very few migraines and very rarely are they full blown and disruptive.My regular brand of Vitamin B2 was out of stock. Now I always have an extra bottle or two, but during the pandemic in particular, I try not to cut anything too close since you never know how long stock will be off, so I ordered this intending for it to be a short term replacement until my main brand got back in stock. I was taking this, it worked as well as my main one, I was very happy with it. Maybe two months of taking this pill, my main one came back in stock finally, and thrilled, I ordered a bottle and eventually switched back after finishing off my last Puritan Pride bottle. Well, I had been on this pill long enough to realize, no this wasn’t as good as my main one, it was better. I have less overall migraines taking the same dosage, I have less color changes to my urine, and I greatly prefer the size and shape of this pill too, very easy to swallow. So, I’m all in on this brand of Vitamin B2 (I also take their Glucosamine Chondroiton). It’s slightly more expensive than my old one, but not enough to be a factor when this is the clear winner in effectiveness.

  32. I like the size of it, was doing a lot of research what brand to buy, and this was the right choice for me. Came next day, well packaged, and most important part is that they are vegan, so no animal product used in making those. Will update on the effect in the following months.

  33. Great Product! fast shipping!

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