Je možné v zimě zhubnout bez námahy?

In winter, we are more in hibernation mode than motivation mode. Discover our tips for losing a few calories without getting (too) tired.

No, there is no special season for either weight gain or weight loss. However, in winter, it is sometimes more difficult to motivate yourself to put on your trainers… Not to mention the temptations of cheese and other holiday treats, which are higher in calories than a balanced summer salad.

Fortunately, weight loss can also be achieved through other (good) habits.

Dare to use colour in your diet

Although our dietary needs depend on the seasons and the climate, it is essential to take advantage of the variety of winter vegetables and fruit, such as fat-free soups.

Steamed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower) also provide us with everything we need for our well-being. And don’t forget beetroot, a powerful antioxidant that should not be overlooked.

Find an anti-cellulite solution in plants

Hibiscus, passionflower, konjac, borage or meadowsweet are plants with effects that are as diverse (diuretic, detox…) as they are effective on cellulite and well-being.

Organic brands are preferred as infusions, or to be diluted in a bottle of water that you can take with you everywhere.

Take magnesium and calcium to control your hunger

Present in wholemeal bread, spinach, almonds, dark chocolate, lentils, bananas, brown rice and mineral water (Hépar, Contrex, Arvie, Badoit), magnesium is essential.

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If the body lacks magnesium, this deficit stimulates the appetite in a vicious circle where hunger increases to counterbalance the fatigue and stress induced by the deficiency.

To combat upper body fat (breasts, stomach, belly), calcium amino acids short-circuit the production of abdominal fat cells and accelerate the intestinal elimination of lipids. They are found in dairy products, including 0%, skimmed milk powder and certain waters.

Take Reduslim

Reduslim is a dietary supplement that is said to accelerate the metabolism and to aim to burn calories to achieve weight loss. Indeed, when we burn more calories than we consume, the body burns fat to make up the difference.

Its compounds are known to temporarily stimulate physical or mental activity. This is why it is said that Reduslim is a metabolism booster.

There is a wide variety of foods that eliminate toxins and water retention. Also known as diuretic agents, these plant extracts are used to detoxify the body and drain the reserves stored in fatty tissue. However, most draining foods are not enough to make fat rolls disappear overnight. This is why different extracts are usually combined to combine the effects of the products in a bottle of water or in herbal teas.

Reduslim Koupit

Sleep for better weight loss

Sleep is essential and it is estimated that the average time to recover from a day is about 6.5 hours. American researchers have also proven that sleep plays an important role in weight gain, not to mention genes of course.

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They have shown that sleeping less creates a hormonal imbalance by finding that short sleepers have a much higher BMI (body mass index) than long sleepers.

To avoid gaining weight and even consider losing weight while sleeping, a few good habits should be adopted: have a light dinner (lots of vegetables but little protein) ideally between 7pm and 9pm, and leave at least two hours between the end of the meal and bedtime.

Get some fresh air and get moving

Before the sun comes out, we get into the habit of going outside and gently getting our bodies moving again.

Start with a brisk walk before taking up running. Endurance is the best activity to take care of your figure but also your heart.


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