Astragalus Root Powder

Astragalus Root Powder

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Astragalus Root Benefits

Astragalus Root Benefits

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Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Astragalus Root To Treat And Cure Yourself Naturally Many people are not familiar with Astragalus, the wonder herb that has been used for centuries because of its medical properties. Chinese herbalists have been using this root for addressing different medical conditions.

Biochemical and Chemical Studies on Astragalus Leaves and Roots

Biochemical and Chemical Studies on Astragalus Leaves and Roots

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  1. Buy this for energy and good health

  2. Most people who buy this product are aware that consuming astragalus root powder will boost our immune health and also help us to live longer, partly by slowing down the rate of deterioration (shortening) of our cellular telomeres with the enzyme, telomerase. However, most people are not aware that astragalus root powder has also been shown in scientific studies to be beneficial to our bone health.

  3. This product is what I expected. It’s a fine powder, so it has a tendency to “puff” into the air when I’m getting some out to use. I moved it into a jar, so now it’s easier to serve. The powder has a mild taste than is somewhat pleasant–kind of nutty. It’s not strong like ginger nor is it nasty tasting like dandelion root. My body seems to like it, and my body doesn’t always like the new herbs I sometimes try. I’ve tried it as a tea and by adding it to my green drinks. It worked fine either way.

  4. I really love organic astragalus root powder. I add it to my protein shakes 2-3 times a day. Since using Astragalus on a daily basis, I have not had a cold or flu since 2012. As for telomere repair, time will tell.Update: Dec 23 2017I originally gave this 5 stars but just changed it to 1 star because my latest order for ORGANIC turned out to be non-organic.Contacted Starwest Botanicals about this and received a reply stating that non organic Astragalus Powder is item # 201032-51and the Organic is 209140-51. After they supply raw materials to sellers, they have no control of the quality.See my photo of the listing showing the non organic with item # 201032-51 and the photo of the product I received, non organic. The seller when I purchased was Express Health and now it shows AUUOO and another seller depending on the day. Shady shady!Buyer beware! I am either going to order direct from Starwest Botanicals or Mountain Rose Herbs in the futuer.Astragalus is grown in China and one can never be too cautious of the way things are grown and produced over there.

  5. Reply Avatar of Kyle The Supplement Junkie
    Kyle The Supplement Junkie 9. November 2017 at 0:00

    A friend of mine heard of my newfound interest in adaptogens and TCM herbs and was shocked when she heard I hadn’t tried astragalus. After doing a simple internet search I was shocked that I hadn’t heard of before either. Seemed like it was tailor made for me. Anyhow, she told me she got a bunch of bottles from Puritan’s Pride and that I could have a bottle of ground root powder (no extracts) in gel caps. Being the supplement junkie I am of course I didn’t (and really couldn’t) refuse the trial of astragalus!It worked for me in ways that I didn’t know I needed help with. When I dose approximately 5-6 grams (or 1 tablespoon) of the powder it ‘kicks in’ about nearly instantaneously for me, especially if I have sinus congestion which is most of the time. Both astragalus and reishi mushrooms have this effect on me. Separately either one of them works for me like an herbal version of Claritin but together the synergy is palpable. Also (as well as with reishi) there is a non-drugged feeling of well-being. It’s not a buzz or high. It doesn’t feel forced. You just feel comfortable in your skin. Anxiety is quelled, but your senses are unaffected. They’re both great for the lungs. Breathing is easier and it feels good.This particular astragalus root is potent and at least as good as the Puritan’s Pride brand my friend allowed me to sample. Some people are non responders or else they don’t have issues with stress or allergies/immunity and see no reason to take these supplements. Some supplements I take even though I don’t feel them working in my body and/or mind. Most people are going to subjectively notice they feel calmer. There have been many scientific studies on astragalus and they know its a GABAergic herb (among many other things). ..and really, adaptogens are like that. They’re modulators and so they work to maintain equilibrium. People who have all the GABA they need will likely not feel the inner relaxation and tranquility astragalus can impart however they might still reap the benefits of using it as a natural decongestant and sinus remedy.Shipping was fast and I will be ordering again.

  6. Le produit vient de Chine donc la qualité est parfois reconnue comme douteuse mais je suis quand même contente d’avoir ce produit que j’apprécie.

  7. Very pleased with product and service. Have bought other Indigo products in past.

  8. I can’t live without it. It has normalized my blood pressure. My blood pressure is 120/78 from 157/102

  9. I liked the packaging. I used to visit Glastonbury and the “Miracle” room – I can just remember the shop!

  10. Supplément alimentaire,Je ne connais pas très bien le produit, mais il semble bon.

  11. I am happy to report that this product is not like sawdust, as one reviewer described, but a fine powder. For those nervous that this product comes from China- astragalus is native to Asia. And is one of the most important herbs in Chinese medicine. It is also a super immune booster. I’m on board.It is a lot of root for a great price too.

  12. This product I purchased has been wonderful, I have used it ever since I bought it and everything about it is great.

  13. Great product, well packaged, the seal on the bag is still intact. I take it for helping with telomeres so it’s hard to tell short term how well it works. I can say the product seems to be of high quality. It tastes earthy but not bad, I mix a teaspoon in my protein shake and it gives it a better flavor I think actually. Like a dark chocolate hint.

  14. First, I’m surprised by how much I like the flavor of this powder. If I planned on taking it regularly, I’d drink it in a latte with Oatly or something every day – I think it tastes better than the trendy health powders like matcha or turmeric, almost like a mixture of mild chocolate and horchata. Yum!Second, I’m convinced this stuff cranks up the immune system as claimed, because after I took it I had mild autoimmune issues all day! It took me about eight hours to realize the astragalus was causing them. I never really have autoimmune issues, so it was an odd hunch, but I had about five strange reactions shortly after taking the astragalus, and when I finally thought to Google “[symptom X] + autoimmune”, well …* Angry stomach – nausea, bloating, digestive issues after normal food (potentially autoimmune? check!)* Sudden worsening of my seborrheic dermatitis (potentially autoimmune? you bet!)* Swollen knees after a very short, very light walk … WTF (potentially autoimmune? damn straight!)* Sudden reaction to flea bites (potentially autoimmune? big time)* Bizarre attraction to the taste of astragalus (… moving on)So four out of five, none of which is normal for me at all. (They were all mild, though, like 2/10 on the severity scale.) The flea bites one is the most telling: we’ve got five indoor/outdoor cats at home, and my wife loves to joke that I smell like a horse because fleas NEVER seem to bite me, only her – I’ve only had one flea bite attack in my life, and that was in like 2009. Anyway, we’re fostering four street kittens this week, all of whom have fleas, and while I’ve been sitting with them since Monday, today was the first day I suddenly started itching after they were on my lap. I grew up with indoor/outdoor cats literally in my crib and never got bitten then either, but after this experience today I’m wondering if maybe fleas do bite me but I just don’t have any allergic reaction. (Maybe having the cats in the crib desensitized me at a young age, I don’t know.) So that was neat to learn, thanks astragalus, but I don’t think I’ll be taking you again, for me you were all side effects and no treatment.That said, I don’t want to dissuade other people from trying this. Ever since I started eating healthy (no sugar, no oil, no flour, all real food) my immune system has been *by far* the best it’s ever been – I haven’t had a cold in three years, even when I actually had immuno-suppression and the doctors kept telling me I’d get sick – so astragalus might be overkill for me. If I were eating a junkier diet a supplement like this could work wonders, so as always YMMV.

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