Aloe Vera Powder

Aloe Vera Powder

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

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The Green Golden Magic

Aloe Vera the New Millennium

Aloe Vera the New Millennium

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The First Complete Book on Aloe Vera in this Young Century. In it you will find a wellness wellsource of new breakthroughs in Aloe Vera research and technology from the last thirty years. Also Aloe Vera’s pivotal role in the new global wellness movement.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Inner Traditions / Bear & Co. 1996 gbs preview

Discusses the biological properties of aloe vera, explaining its power to heal the human body, and traces the ways the plant has been used throughout history.

  1. Aloe Ferox is one of the most highly regarded of the many varieties of medicinal aloe plants. This plant has incredible skin and healing properties and is ideal for any rejuvenative skin use. Yes, this does have a strong smell, strong taste, and a strong green color. If you are consuming this you may want to consider making capsules out of it. Perfect for mixing for cosmetic use, just be aware of the strong properties and don’t go overboard. If the strong properties don’t bother you, indulge and you will be happy with the results. Do some research, this is really an amazing plant. I cannot recommend it enough. High quality, bulk size, and a great price makes this a smart buy.

  2. I haven’t been using it long enough to know whether it is helpful. One thing to be aware of is that the taste is awful. I add it to a small amount of water, then add a little stevia and apple cider vinegar to mask the taste, then I drink it down fast. I can live with it.

  3. This is a good product for making a hair mask, mix with water or aloe vera gel and apply to roots, scalp and the whole of your hair and leave on overnight.

  4. I can’t speak on the human consumption. But you’re garden will love you when you spray the foliage. Alovera is a natural healing plant when spared on leaves and stalks heals and builds healthy plants.

  5. I got this for use in cosmetics, but I got curious to try it for its intended use and made a mask. It was itchy! REALLY itchy! I felt itchy using a regular clay mask too, though, so I don’t think it’s just this product. It said to let it sit for 20 minutes, but I could only last 12. My skin wasn’t irritated after washing it off though, and my skin does seem tighter and brighter. I guess beauty is pain, lol. The color is perfect for my homemade rouge and as a color corrector in my mineral makeup.

  6. I bought this product to use as part of my hair care regime and so far I am really loving it. I have used it twice since I bought it and my hair feels like silk after using it. I am really happy with it. The price is also excellent for the amount you get.Update Jan 13, 2021I’m still liking this product for the difference it makes in the softness of my hair when I use in my henna powder to prevent dryness. However, I have taken off one star as I find it makes my scalp very itchy and gives me a bad headache after use. I have used real aloe in my hair and did not have that kind of reaction so I thought this would be a great alternative to having to buy fresh aloe every week. I am sad I can no longer use it as it really does make my hair feel much softer after a henna treatment.

  7. My sister and I both have used this for a few years for interstitial cystitis and it has worked wonders for us both. We’ve suffered since we were in our teens and now I’m in my 60’s so we know what would cause a problem. First: We both noticed our bags were smaller. I measured mine and it was 2oz short. Second: We usually take 3 of the 00 capsules a day to keep it under control and we’ve had to take up to 6 and still in pain. My sister and I hadn’t talked for a few weeks and the subject of our bladders came up and we both have had the same problem. I haven’t changed anything in my diet. I hope the company sees this and figures it out because if I have to go back to Desert Harvest it triples the price.

  8. Great product 100% All natural and very fresh and the price is great for this product

  9. Yes I love my aloe vera powder,I thought it was going to be a small little packet the package is a lot bigger than I thought, so great value for money. This way I can use aloe vera without having to keep cutting leaves off my aloe vera plant, striping, chopping, blending and straining, now I can use my powder and it’s a lot quicker and you can be e exact in the a mount you use as with the plant you often have left over so it’s a waste but not any more, thanks Davis Finest!

  10. Reply Avatar of Edjamila Conceicao
    Edjamila Conceicao 20. August 2021 at 0:00

    One of my favourites. This time ordering for my sister as she starts her ayurveda journey

  11. This is a very fine orange peel powder. I like the smell and the texture of the product. It is well packaged and also comes with some instructions on how to use for different skin parts. I am using in face to reduce pigmentation mixed with other products. It is too early to say anything but so far I am liking the feel of it after applying on the face.

  12. much cheaper then buying from Buildasoil. great for clones, foliar spray, rooting while vegging.

  13. Bought to go with henna mix, adds a little something special, nice fine powder and easy to mix in with hair and face packs

  14. I like the value of the product. I really purchased the product just so i can start making my own clay mask. I love aloe vera because of its multiple benefits. I read and researched the product before purchasing and upon my discovery it can be used for hair mask as well. I will definitely will be using as a treatment for my natural hair care.

  15. I love using this Aloe Vera powder in my Ayurvedic herbs. It smooths them out, and conditions my hair making it softer.

  16. Reply Avatar of Vladimir Chufarovskiy
    Vladimir Chufarovskiy 8. February 2022 at 0:00

    I use it – I like itThanx…

  17. Lo he comprado para hacer jabón y lo encuentro muy practico

  18. This product cures the skin diseases.

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