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Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Woodland Publishing. 1997 gbs preview

One of nature's supreme soothing agents, aloe vera has been used for hundreds of years for everything from sunburn to constipation. In this booklet, author Deanne Tenney explores the various therapeutic properties of aloe, its historical use, home uses, and the latest research on its marvelous medicinal applications.

Aloe Vera: Natural wonder cure

Aloe Vera: Natural wonder cure

HarperCollins UK. 2014 gbs preview

Aloe Vera is regarded as one of the most remarkable of the 1.5 million botanical species known to man. This practical guide reveals how we can use Aloe Vera for 21st century health maintenance.

Aloe Vera a Medicinal Plant

Aloe Vera a Medicinal Plant

Educreation Publishing. 2018 gbs preview

Very important book, as far as biotechnology inventions are concerned

  1. This is the best I’ve ever tried. I had 24 radiation treatments on both hands…very bad burns, skin peeling and awful pain. This product expedited the healing process and calmed the burning. This product will always be in my cupboard and in my four children’s home from now on. Thank you!!!

  2. I’ve been using fresh aloe vera leaf for my hair and scalp. It’s messy but well worth the benefits. The only issue is I have kinky textured hair so if some of the flesh of the aloe vera gets in my hair it is hard to rinse out. I made the mistake of blending the inner part of the leaf in a blender and applying it to my hair that way and had a ton of white particles that took over a week to get out of my hair. I was looking for a gel that was cold pressed -and while it is not better than fresh -it will get the job done. It leaves my hair soft and easy to detangle. This Amara gel applies easily to my hair and scalp and I don’t have to worry about cutting a fresh leaf and having to use it quickly. It came well packaged. I will be repurchasing.

  3. This product is a-ma-zing!! I have suffered from cystic acne for my entire adolescence thus-far (I’ll be 20 in just a few days). After many visits to the dermatologist and countless Rx medications over the years, got it under control. However, I recently decided to try switching to a natural regimen. I wanted to see how my sensitive, combo, acne-prone skin would react. I apply this product after washing and toning my face. Not only does it feel moisturizing, but also lightweight, and it dries very quickly. It’s a natural anti-bacterial, and I feel like it has helped in evening out my skin tone and my acne scars. Also, it wears easily under my makeup, whether I’m wearing powder foundation or liquid foundation. My skin feels soft and moisturized, it looks more even, and I break out less frequently. And you get a massive bottle for a low price! I clearly cannot say enough about this product, but I’ll stop now and say that I highly recommend it for people of all skin types – but especially my sensitive-skinned, acne-prone friends looking for a natural remedy to your skin troubles. Please give this a shot. PS: I attached before and afters of my skin since I started using this product. In the second photo, I *do* have a bit of face makeup on, but you can see that the bumps on my skin have lessened significantly (and my skin has a healthy, non-oily glow). That was just after a week of use. Hope this helps!

  4. I purchased this gel to use on patches of eczema on my hands. However, I have also started using it for patches of eczema on my face and as a general facial moisturiser. I have noticed an improvement in my facial skin after just a week – it looks and feels softer. Granted, I still have dry patches on my hands but this is due to long-term use of steroid ointments for eczema, and will not change overnight. I am very pleased with this gel; I feel that I have found a natural alternative to moisturisers and plan to use this from now on.

  5. I’ve been using another pure (99.99%) aloe vera gel for years. This Beauty by Earth Organic Aloe Vera gel contain 98% aloe vera with vitamin C and E. It works well as a hand lotion. Unlike hand creams – once absorbed, the gel disappears and my fingertips no longer feel like sandpaper. I tried it on my hair this week, it makes my hair shiny and healthy look, more manageable. The product did not flake. I like it a lot and will continue to buy this. But wish it didn’t contain Xanthan Gum.

  6. I absolutely love this stuff. I don’t write reviews but i had to for this product. It has made a huge difference to my face. My complexion has never been so fresh and clear, it’s really helped lighten scars from breakouts, i tend to get the odd deep cyst type spot which always leave dark marks that stay forever. I also had nicotine withdrawal breakout scarring (I stopped smoking 3 and half months ago). But wow has this product made a difference.Ive been using it religiously for about 2 weeks now. Before bed i cleanse as usual and then put a generous amount all over my face, keep it away from eyes though, wait a few minutes for it to seep in and then rub a pea size amount of my night cream on top, this stops the product turning into a stiff mask and gets it right into your skin. It tingles for a few minutes and then dries normal. In the morning I’m literally glowing! This is definitely a product i will use for many years to come and is now a definate staple in my skincare regime. Ive got my husband using it on his scalp psoriasis and my mother using it the same way i do before bed!A few words of caution though: Please do a patch test somewhere on your face before you go all in. I found that the gel burns my upper lip and nose area for some strange reason, to be fair i do generally have a very sensitive nose and am constantly wiping it. I just avoid putting it on this area. It’s fine on my under eye area and has even lightened my bags.My skin is generally quite sensitive and easily breaks out. Now any time i see the first signs or redness of a pimple i place this gel over the area and it either gets rid of it totally or really soothes the irritation.Probably too much info but earlier today i stupidly gave myself a mild chemical burn using facial hair bleach. This gel saved my face!! I could see the outline of where i put the bleach clearly when i first washed my face and was mortified! About 4 hours later now and 3 general applications and it’s about 80% better already!! I think ive said enough, i can’t recommend this product enough.

  7. 92% aloe, not 99% as advertised. Still a great product though. Would recommend

  8. I used this product on my hair as my scalp often feels very dry. I applied it and within 10 minutes I could definitely feel the moisture and softness in my hair. This is such a convenient and ‘jack-of-all-trades’ product as you can use it for skin/hair/showering/sunburns. I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something VERSATILE!

  9. First time using this product and I just love it. I use it as a moisturizer on my face, hair, and body. I have bought all kinds of face moisturizers and nothing worked well. Aloe vera gel is the only product that worked for me. I have very sensitive skin and this product does its job as stated. I use my face serum first then the gel, nothing else. My skin is so soft, took away my redness, and helps with wrinkles as well. Even my eye lashes look healthier. I put the gel all over my face. It does not bother your eyes. This stuff is pure. The price is excellent for the amount you get. I am so happy with this product. 🙂

  10. I bought this with my first at home wax kit to sooth/cool down the skin.It does contain alcohol but so far I’ve had no reaction after using it 2-3 times on my face/body and it smells nice. You get a decent amount of aloe for a good price, I got it on sale for $13.73. The Instant cooling effect makes for the perfect post-wax product or burn relief!

  11. Aloe Vera arrived 1 day early, 5 stars for packaging with FRAGILE tape. Cleaned shaved and bathed applied Aloe Vera sticky at first but after 5 minutes it dries in to leave your skin lovely and soft.As it’s pure and thick and no awful smell, it will last me ages.I will buy it again.Great stuff.

  12. I have sensitive skin. It’s also acne-prone. I love that this product is free of nasty chemicals. I use this and instantly I felt a vast difference on my skin and hair. Say bye to dry chapped skin! My hair feels healthier now! This stuff has been a blessing to my hair. It also helps with burns, insect bites and acne scars.

  13. I’ve been embarking on a journey wherein I try to replace as much of my cosmetics as possible with aloe vera gel. The old, neon green drug-store tube I had sitting in my beach bag didn’t seem sufficient, so I went for this as a good intersection between low cost and decent ingredients.I’ve been enjoying the experiment – so far, I’ve found this stuff works well as a skin and face moisturizer, deodorant (when I’m not exercising or going to be outside), and hair gel to help my curls retain their shape in Florida weather. I’ve also put it on my eczema and have shaved my legs with it (which worked, though I think I still prefer a bar of soap for that task). It seems reasonably effective on acne, though I still need to wipe oil off my face periodically. And after all that use, I still have a lot of the bottle left!Apparently people brush their teeth with this stuff too, but I’m not sure how I feel about putting those last four or so ingredients in my mouth, y’know?

  14. I’ve used many different aloe vera gels in the past, but they always leave a sticky residue and are hard to use for DIYs. This one was different; it absorbs easily and has a perfect consistency! The quality of the product truly reflects that it is organic, and sulfate, and paraben-free. I also like how it is Manuka honey infused with tea tree oil, both of which are natural and great for hydration. Manuka honey is especially an ingredient I love because it is anti-inflammatory and helps restore the skin’s natural pH level. This is definitely a multi-purpose product. I use it on my face before my moisturizer, I used it for a DIY hair mask, and it even helped calm bug bites. This aloe vera gel is definitely the best bang for your buck.

  15. don’t have any prior experience with Aloe gel but did my research, and many seem to contain cross-polymers and other strange fillers that I wanted to seems good quality, not overly sticky, or plasticky as the cross-polymer containing ones are said to be, nor have I had any sensitivity issues as reviews from others suggest.i don’t know if there are better quality ones or not, but at least the nasties don’t seem to be there and I’m pleased.

  16. Fantastic UK family run business who sell as far as i am concerned, the best aloe vera gel!I use it in my home beauty products, sunburn, minor burns…pretty much for most of my skin care routine.I make a serum using this along with vitamin e capsule, cucumber oil, organic honey and it works beautifully! Hydrates and moisturises perfectly without any stickiness, or being too oily. Makes your skin glow as it promotes collagen growth! I am 50 years old and i have very little wrinkles due to using this. I have bought high end beauty products that don’t even come close to what this does for your skin in mho!I have tried many aloe over the years but for me this is top grade and will continue to purchase when needed.

  17. I’m a 65+ year old woman who regretfully in my younger years had way too much sun exposure. In those days we weren’t educated about the damage we were doing to our skin. Of course I used aloe if I burned but had not really thought about it’s benefits for aging skin. Now that I’m in my 60’s I’ve noticed my skin looking crepey especially on my arms and legs. This aloe is not only pure but contains tea tree oil plus skin rejuvenating manuka honey and stem cells. Manuka honey has many amazing health benefits but I had not seen it in a skin rejuvenating product. I am amazed and so pleased with this product so far. I use it right after showering as a base and then use my regular coconut oil based moisturizer. Adding this aloe has made a huge difference in the crepey skin. Regular moisturizer only helps temporarily but using this aloe with the added rejuvenating benefits is truly improving my skin. There are products on the market specifically for crepey skin but they’re expensive. This aloe is excellent quality, has added benefits and affordable. Of course nothing can turn back the hands of time, but I’m sold on this aloe! It really is making a difference!

  18. I hope this product could help my whelk. Maybe , It will take time.

  19. I use this for anything that needs antiseptic like cuts, grazes even Kant bites that have started to go really red from scratching (sorry 🤢). Rub it on sunburn etc it’s a great allrounder. Always buy the same product as it dies what it says!

  20. Reply Avatar of Barbara Tagliavini
    Barbara Tagliavini 7. December 2021 at 0:00

    I bought this one as a substitute for another product that’s been discontinued and I have to say I’m thoroughly happy with this item. It’s visibly helping me get rid of a skin rash caused by an allergic reaction and it’s also a great overall after-shower body moisturizer. Aloe vera is such a great thing that you can use it any way you want, really. I will buy this brand again!

  21. I add it to all my liquid (hand and shower) soaps, so they are extra moisturizing. 1/3 Aloe 2/3 liquid soap. Works great! Especially since we are all washing our hands a zillion times a day now. If using a “foaming” soap dispenser I suggest, 1/4 water (use bottled drinking water not tap water because tap water can have impurities that can turn bad over time) 1/4 Aloe and 2/4 liquid soap.

  22. Arrived on time and great product

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